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Kamis, 06 Juli 2017


Another new Sushi House in town! Well, not really new, its been more than a month I believe. I visited here on 9 June 2017 and I could finally post it here on the blog. If you knew Carnivore in PIK, then that is the place! Apparently, Carnivore was closed for good and transformed into Sushi Taka. I wasn't prepared to make a blog post for this restaurant. So expect to see pictures without name. Let;s check it out.
This is probably the first ever Sushi with Raclette Cheese in town. Not a big fan of sushi, so I don't really catch up with the latest sushi trend. But this one was superb, simply because the raclette cheese was overpowering the flavor. A recommendation when you dine here!
Fresh clam with mozarella. I found it quite fishy to be honest.
Another Sushi that I forgot the name. There's a thin slice of salmon on it and it was delicious as far as I remember.

This is the signature Sushi platter in a unique sushi tree. There are a lot of different sushi to try and it is suitable for 3-4 people! There's one sushi with foie gras if I'm not mistaken. There are also some sashimi on the bottom, fresh salmon with tobiko and egg. Let the pictures tell by themselves!

Thin slice beef in soy sauce. That's all that I can show you from this newly opened Sushi House. Sorry for the little information :)


Rukan Crown Gold Boulevard Blok D no. 11-12, PIK

Average Spending for two: IDR 250.000



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