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Rabu, 21 Desember 2016

KERATON JAKARTA - Grand Deluxe Room

On 12 December 2016, we decided to stay one night at one of our 'wishlists' places to stay in Jakarta: Keraton. Its a long story to tell why we finally landed at this luxurious hotel. Its certainly not endorsement whatsoever, but our stay here was truely one of the best in Jakarta. From the first time we checked in at the lobby to the last time when we checked out, the service & the hospitality here were beyond our expectation. Let's read our great experience here!
We arrived here around 5 PM and it was actually very very late because Keraton allowed us to check in as early as 8 AM in the morning and check out as late as 9 PM the day after. That's even more than 24 hours in total, more than any other standart check in and check out time. Our schedule was very packed that day from morning until late afternoon because we attended a food blogger gathering event earlier before checked in. Well we actually got another grand opening invitation (around 4 PM) right after the gathering, but we decided to check in first because we intended to take a few shots of the room while its still bright outside, just to make sure we got the natural light from the window. But later after that, we went out to the Grand Opening event at night before we came back to the Hotel :p
We managed to checked in at 5 PM and we were very surprised once we stepped in to the room. The room is really spacious for what so-called a standart room (Grand Deluxe Room), plus the toilet is really luxurious. From the bath tub, the high-tech closet, the shower room, to all the toilet ameneties. All we can say is Ah - Meh - Zing! 
Here is the main room. The bed is at the center of the room while the petite living room and the working desk are on the left and right side of the bed. 
The toilet is located right behind the bed and there's a huge slider doors that you can open and close (behind your bed) so that from the toilet you can see your bed room, or vice versa.
Here Lucy was on the living room. There's a long sofa near the wall and 2 other single sofas. We enjoyed the living room here as we could sit down and relax while having the beautiful Jakarta's city view from the huge window.
This is my favorite spot of the room: the working desk! Everything you need in your desk is here, from LED Monitor, Apple's charging desk, table lighting to pillowy-chair. I actually brought my own notebook because I still continued working late night for photo editing or writing blog.
Now let's talk about the bath room. Below is the view of the bed room from the bath room. I mean, there's a big window separating the two rooms which you can slide to close and open. Well if you are married, then you have no issue with the slide opened because your partner can see you from the bed. I love how the bath room is really integrated into the whole room, so it looks even more spacious when all the bath room's doors and slider opened.
The bath room is pretty long and the marble table looks very expensive.
The Bath Tub is at the center of the bath room. Its great for one person and Keraton even provides you with bath salt for soaking. Unfortunately we had no enough time to enjoy this luxuries.
The shower room
For the shower utilities, they provide you with this LABORATOIRE REM√ąDE SKIN CARE products from The USA. Never heard it before but it was certainly great for our skin. I even tried their face cleanser soap and it was leaving my face very soft and smooth. The shower gel even smells so aromatic.
Next to the coffee and tea area. They have a quite tall cupboard for the small refrigerator, some smacks and drinks, a coffee making machine, completes with some TWG Tea bags and illy Coffee espresso (complimentary). Shamed on us that we didn't know how to operate the coffee machine properly. But we did enjoy the TWC tea especially Sencha, my all time favorite :)
Keraton is even very generous at providing mineral water. They put 2 Aqua Reflection Bottled Water on the bath room and 4 mineral bottle water inside the cup board. The staff even came to our room and asked for more water. We got another 4 bottled water for a total of 10 bottled water, lol! That's very generous. 

Morning view from the room

Before we jump into the breakfast section, you might also want to read our last review about Keraton Sunday Brunch at Bengawan Restaurant. You can click the link below:
We are always looking forward to breakfast whenever we stay at a nice hotel. Keraton's is unexceptionally one of the best in terms of the quality and the food selections for breakfast. They have a buffet table for self-serviced food, a standart egg & pancake station, and the best one is a special ala carte menus that you can order as much as you want. And its not an ordinary ala carte menus. I started off with Lobster Poached Egg with Holaindaise sauce on a bread. SO GOOOOOD! Its pretty petite but well its nice for an appetizer.
The Egg & Pancake Station
The Buffet table
Here what I got from the buffet table.

Lobster Egg Benedict

Steak and Egg

Assorted bread / pastries
Complimentary tea or coffee, healthy mixed juices, all ordered on the table.
Japanese Salmon Set Menu from the Ala Carte menu.
Restaurant's Christmas decoration
So, last but not least, the room rate. By the time we arrived here, they offered a special weekend rate starting from IDR 2.550.000++ which includes:
  • Grand Deluxe Room with breakfast
  • Complimentary Laundry for 2 clothes
  • Early check in at 8 AM and late check out at 9 PM
  • Special rate for spa and dining (need to ask for details)
The special weekend rate is actually lower than the weekdays'. That's probably because people come here on the weekdays for business purposes, while on the weekend they try to attract people to stay for vacation. Anyway, ENJOY!


It's been two years and we finally made it back to Keraton! This time we enjoyed their indoor pool that we previously missed.

Indoor Pool



Jalan M.H Thamrin Kav 15, Central Jakarta 10350

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