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Kamis, 15 Desember 2016


Have anyone heard about Poblano Mexican Grill? The latest Mexican Food located at Pacific Place 5th Floor, Jakarta! Well its not really 'Latest' actually because they have been here for 2 years now. We actually rarely visited Mexican Restaurant in Jakarta, not only because the high priced food, but also the number is countable with fingers like where else? Here in Poblano, they serve you healthy popular Mexican food. Its not like a typical huge big restaurant and bar, but its more like a casual dining restaurant. So let's have a look!

Basic Mexican Food

The thing about the pricing here is based on the protein that you pick. Chicken 65k, Carnitas (pork) 69k, Beef 75k, and Guacamole 79k. I loved their sweetness of the beef and the freshness of the guacamole (avocado mixed paste).

Their food is basically very healthy with lettuce, salsa, cheese, beans and selections of protein as their main ingredients. I found that everything looks pretty similar in terms of the ingredients. But, I think I need to learn the history of each dish to understand more.

So, before I start with the main dishes, let me tell you one thing when you visit here. They are having a simple competition for you guys. Simply snap your food here and post it on your Instagram account with #snapPoblano. Competition ends on 25 December 2016 and winner will be announced on 1st January 2017. That's probably your new year's present, who knows?

Celebrating their 2nd Anniversary, they are offering a nice promotion of BUY 2 GET 3 FOOD, valid until 18 December 2017. Its not too late to try, so go ahead!

Anyway, here are the menus. Its not that many actually only 6 - 8 menus, because they only emphasizes on true Mexican Food.

The main ingredients

For appetizer, you HAVE TO try their best Tortilla Chips! Its super crispy seasoned lightly with salt, then dipped with their most delicious salsa and guacamole. Their fresh guacamole is using imported avocado to meet their high quality standart.

Burrito in the making! Here in Poblano, you can see the making process of each food as the kitchen is visible from the dining table. They make it fresh from scratch in front of the customers :)

This is the final result of the Burrito. Burrito is using a Soft Flour Tortilla as the wrapping, while the fillings are meat or guacamole (avocado), cilantro lime rice, beans or fajitas, salsa, cheese, sour cream and lettuce. You can actually pick the protein: chicken, beef or pork. Mine was Beef, its very moist and fresh.

As for health consious person or for sharing, you can try this Big Salad Bowl. I really mean very BIG portion for a single person. The ingredients are exactly the same as Burrito, but with more cheese on top, plus additional ancho-chile honey vinaigrette dressing. Very nice and healthy!

Here is the most popular Mexican food: TACO! Three crispy tacos filled with protein or guacamole, salsa, cheese, sour cream & lettuce. Again, the main ingredients are still the same as the previous two menus. The only difference is the crispy taco.

Last but not the least, my most favorite dish of all: Quesadilla! This one is quite different from the other 3 dishes. Flour tortilla filled with melted cheese, fresh tomato salsa and choices of protein, folded into a half-moon shape and then grilled into perfection. There is a optional sour cream sauce for a more perfect Mexican sensation! They actually call this an appetizer, but I quite enjoyed it alone for my lunch. The salty, creamy, savory flavor was such a pleasure.


Pacific Place 5th Floor, South Jakarta

Opening Hours: 10 Am - 10 PM

Average Spending for two: IDR 200.000

Delivery: 0819-POBLANO / 021-57973199




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