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Senin, 05 Desember 2016


The image above looks dramatic and intense with a little touch of yellowish light on top. Thanks to my latest camera :p But the reason why we came here is to attend the launch of the new menus at Bottega Ristorante. We were here once with our friends for a nice casual hang out and we were quite surprised with the exquisite European style interior. It has not changed ever since but the spark is still there. We tasted 5 main courses and 2 desserts, AND the event was sponsored by Urban Remedy Indonesia.

The head chef was presenting the new menus to the audiences. It was around 5 PM weekday when the event started. The audiences were food bloggers and medias (mostly from magazine).

This is the main sponsor of the event. Urban Remedy is specialized in cold pressed juice. They have several mixed flavors to try during this event and my favorite goes to their Watermelon & Mint (the red one). They also have a daily detox package that you can check out on their website 

So, let me start off from the very best and most delicious one first (based on my own preference). This is Turmeric Risotto with octopus and black squid ink crackers. Honestly, I have only tried once risotto menu in my whole entire life and its embarrasing as so called a Food Blogger, I know right! Because I'm not really into rice menus when I'm going out for lunch or dinner. I have had too much rice at home, so why should I order rice again?
But I have to hands-down to the chef from introducing this new menu. Turmeric sounds so traditional right? But they tranformed this ingredient into something out of this world, LOL. The rice was perfectly smooth and moist but not too mushy. The flavor was salty and savory, although I'm not particularly understand about the basic seasonings here, but you can really taste somekind of chicken stock (maybe). The octopus was chewy but very enjoyable to bite. A very recommended dish to try! 

The second dish is House Made Pici with Tomato Bacon Sauce. This is unfortunately the other way around from the first menu. The tomato sauce was fine actually but it somehow was bland to my liking. A little bit more of salt and basil would be better, I think. The egg was nicely poached, melted yolk inside. I still believe there's a potential on this menu, its just that little more magic touch here and there :)

The third one is Sweet Corn Capelacci with Mushroom and Sage. Its like a dumpling pasta with soft sweet paste from corn and mushroom. The capelacci was also smooth with that buttery yellow sauce. In my opinion, this dish is suitable as an appetizer for sharing.

The fourth one is Squid Ink Risotto with Calamari. Well I apologize that I really forgot how this tastes. This happens mostly when you taste too much food at the same time and you really enjoy it until your forget that you are reviewing the food :p I had no complain about this one as long as I remember, the risotto was creamy and buttery and I think the flavor was less intense and less savory than the Turmeric Risotto. The fried calamari was very fine and perfectly crispy.

Last one is Bottega's Sephered Pie. This was SO GOOD trust me. Its like a bowl of creamy soft pudding-like pie. When they serve you hot and you scoop it up, you can really see the hot steam bursts out of the pie.

For the dessert, this is Purple Yam Sponge Cake. Yes that light purple square on the bottom is a soft sponge cake, its slightly sweet and warm when served. The white circle on the plate is actually coconut milk cream, perfectly paired with the sponge cake. On top is tuilles, thin crust french wafer.

LAST ONE! This is the best closing after all the yummy food tasting. There's a bowl of hot brownie with melted chocolate inside, then poured with chilled rhum based sauce on top. Its a mixed of cool and warm in your mouth. Perfect dessert to end the night :)


Menara Bank Danamon, RDTX Tower Ground Floor,
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. E-4 No. 6, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000

RSVP: (021) 57992222 (Reservation is adviced)




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