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Rabu, 28 Desember 2016


On 25 December 2016, we celebrated Christmas with our best blogger friends. We planned it like so close to the day until we decided to pick Mocking Bird just the day before. We thought that the place, like the white modern interior gonna suit our white Christmas celebration. And that was right, we really loved the outdoor! Mocking Bird is located at the second floor of Shophaus in Menteng. They claim themselves as the one of most affordable fine dining steak restaurant. What do you think? Well, lets check it out.

Our outdoor area looks like this. Its very green with dense trees right in from of our table. We were here to celebrate Christmas and to exchange some presents between 7 of us. We are @gagaldiett (2 persons), @onedeelee, @sovifooddiary @angkytan, and us 2 persons. 
The thing is, other than the reservation, we had to order our food by phone or whatsapp prior to our arrival. We also had to pay 500k Down Payment which could be spent on food/ drinks. Its really odd that we ordered food before we came.

Sovi came at 4:10 PM, then we arrived second at 4:15 PM. Minutes later without any confirmation, some of our food were delivered to our table! And unfortunately, these food were ordered by our friends who had not made it there yet. So, we asked the server to keep it first and serve it later when they arrived. Its pretty sad that we were not even asked whether we were ready or still waiting. Because its pretty obvious from 7 people, only 3 of us there and food kept coming.

Complimentary bread with olive oil. Not good at all sorry guys.

Well, let's start with the food review. And I will be very honest. My pick was Aglio Olio with Scallop (110k). I never had pasta with Scallop before and I was expecting quite high for this. I mean Aglio Olio is the cheapest and the easiest pasta to make, and for 110k I expected something more. But when it came to my table, I was surprised with the small portion, especially with the tiny 2 pieces scallop. I mean, is it really expensive for more scallops? The pasta was too salty for my liking. But I loved the firmness of the pasta and the level of spiciness. Overall 6/10.

This is Lucy's pick: Salmon Rice (110k). This is the same price as the Aglio Olio, but I believe its more worth it than the pasta. The Salmon was moist but slightly soggy, flavor wise it wasn't that bad actually. We didn't like the aromatic rice, it was kinda like traditional chinese herbs, sorry. I wish it tasted like Olive rice. Overall, 6/10.

My friend's pick is US Angus Sirloin 300 gram (240k) with truffle cream sauce and fries. The name sounds so goood but based on her review, this wasn't like a properly cooked angus beef. Its definitely not tender and didn't smell or taste like truffle. Well, I'm also questioning their 'Fine Dining' term because the plating didn't look like fine dining at all. That fries look cheap to my eyes, too bad.

The other picked Wagyu Fried Rice (120k). I tried the fried rice a little bit and I believe flavor wise this was better. But the thing is, the rice was kinda mushy. For 120k, I just don't think its worth it.

Hawaiian Roasted Chicken Leg with Potato Gratin (89k). Portion looks too small :(

Beef Ravioli in Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff sauce (95k)

Our verdict about the food: just not quite 'Fine Dining' yet. Seasoning wasn't good enough, cooking method was rather disappointing. Need a lot of improvement on every menus :(
So right after we finished our food, we moved on to the most anticipated event of the afternoon: Exchanging presents. Each of us prepared a present worth IDR 100.000 or up. We rolled a small paper that we already wrote with names of us, and one by one would pick the paper randomly. The name that appears on the paper is whose present that we get. Its really fun, if you watched our Instastory that day :)

And here are the portrait of us receiving our present.

Me and Lucy

Shienita from @gagaldiett

It was so much fun that day. We rarely got the chance to meet up in full team casually out of the 'restaurant invitation event'. So right after this gathering, we drove to Karaoke and had our very first karaoke. Its a wrap, Happy New Year 2017!


Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.36, Menteng

Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000

RSVP: 0878-8275-6850




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