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Jumat, 16 Desember 2016

AROMA GELATO - Senayan City

I believe a lot of you who read this have heard or even tried the latest Gelato shop in town: ARoma Gelato. Since ARoma is an original brand from Italy, Jakarta is their first official store in Asia! We actually visited here on 4th December 2016 when they were still soft-launched. We got the previledge to try a few of their flavors from gelato in a cup to their affogato. And those were really good! We even met the kind owers who apparently were there and caught us on our table. They 'interviewed us' about our experience here and what happened? Read more!

Well, we tried 3 different flavors of Gelato (dairy based) in a medium cup and honestly, I asked the guy to pick the recommended flavors. These 3 are all white color and its pretty tough to understand the definition of each flavor in Italian words. I'm really sorry that I forgot what flavors that I tried but let me tell you, it was a really heavenly great cup of gelatos. I don't know why, its just pure goodness and somehow different from the rests. Its very smooth, the sweetness was perfect and we both really enjoyed it.

Thing happened differently when we tried their affogato. FYI, affogato is a small cup of espresso with a scoop of ice cream. I was thinking to pair a black espresso with a colorful gelato just for the sake of beautiful photo. I picked peach sorbet (which is not dairy based gelato). Yes indeed, the combination looks great on photo. But here is the thing: acidic & bitter espresso does not blend together with sour flavored sorbet. Both combination didn't work at all. These below are the photos.

Then around 15-20 minutes after enjoying our gelato, the owner appeared in front of us and as I said earlier, they 'interviewed us' for a while. They wanted to get our feedback about our experience here including the flavor of the gelato. I have to admit that the gelato in the cup was perfect despite not knowing the name. But I told them about the miscombination of espresso and sorbet, and they offered us another complimentary affogato! That's very kind of them. They even offered us another cup of 3 flavored gelato!

They recommended us to combine espresso with something sweet and dairy based, not sorbet. So, they suggested Vanilla gelato and when we tried it, OH SO GOOD! Thanks for the kind offer and recommendation. In total, we tried 8 different flavors that night. Good luck for the opening!


Senayan City Lower Ground
(in front of Bread Talk)

Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM (Mall operational hours)




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