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Sabtu, 11 November 2017

Santan Coolinair ASEAN Food Festival with DOKU App

Last September, we visited SANTAN COOLINAIR food festival in The Space Senayan City from 29 September to 1 October 2017. The first ever event by Airasia in collaboration with Doku App bringing traditional cuisines from all over South East Asia to one place. if you are unfamiliar with SANTAN, it is actually the brand for the inflight food of Airasia flight. So, whenever you are having your food inside the Airasia plane, that's Santan! And apparently we are a big fan of their food, no cliche because we almost always pre-purchased the food via online or sometimes we bought it in the plane. But not just that, this event also brought local favorite foods from nasi padang, sate padang, bebek goreng, to es kopi susu, burger, and more! So, we are excited to show you the event. Check it out!
Welcome to the venue! The Space at Senayan City is actually located just next to Senayan City or across Panin Bank Building at Senayan City. It is actually an open space area with many food stalls distributed across the area. It was really successful like you could see the anthusiast by the visitors. People were quieing for some popular dishes like Mango Stick Rice! I mean look at the crowd!
Here was the Doku stand. Just so you know that all food and beverage transactions on the food stalls were done with Doku App. Basically, its like an electronic money app where you can top up a certain amount of money from this Doku stall, and then you can use it electronically to purchase F&B. You simply scan a bar code on the food stall and then you type your secret pin for an transaction authorization. And that is all, as simple as that and its cashless!
Here was the stewardess posing for the cameras!
Here were the food stalls.
Unexpectedly, the Mango Sticky Rice stall was the most queued one. One portion is 45k and it was delicious!
This was the iconic SANTAN car where you could taste a sampler of Santan food. Anything you normally see in Airasia's flight menus was here. We had our favorite rendang rice, simply by installing Air Asia app on our mobile phone.
Other F&B that we tried during the event! From mango juice, iced coffee milk, fried duck with sambal to Satay padang. What a street food feast! Overall, it was a successful event and we were very excited for another bigger event. Until next time!



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