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Senin, 25 September 2017

Plataran Dharmawangsa - The True Heritage of Indonesia

[UPDATED 26/10/2017] So, some of you have probably read this blog post earlier this October. And as this is an updated post, I would like to share a little bit about the latest food festival at Plataran Dharmawangsa and Plataran Menteng. These 2 restaurants are currently holding a 'True Indonesian Flavors' month where they bring some of the popular traditional/local dishes from all across the archipelego. From the popular Bakmi Bebek Jakarta, Satay Lilit Bali, Gudeg Manggar & Longtong Sayur Stupa Borobudur, and Many more! Catch them immidietly as these limited menus are only available until 12 November 2017. And FYI, all these menus are basically the signature dishes from all Plataran restaurants across the Country. 
Back to the Plataran Dharmawangsa Review below!
"Plataran Dharmawangsa: Revisited" that's quite probably the best title for this post. Been here once back in December 2016 when we celebrated our nephew's birthday and we are back again this September 2017 for a lovely lunch. Plataran Dharmawangsa has been a very nice Indonesian restaurant at Dharmawangsa and in fact, it has been awarded The Best Restaurant in Jakarta 3 years in a row by an exclusive magazine Indonesian Tatler! How does that sound to carry the prestigious award as the best one in the city? We as Indonesians should be very proud to have a local restaurant that still hold the true identity of Indonesia, because more and more restaurants nowadays are going to a more mainstream trend. We believe its a dream of every single restaurant right? Our first visit was very memorable especially at their semi outdoor room where we really felt like having a party surrounded by the greens while we still enjoyed the air conditioned room at the same time. I was very excited to bring you inside and flash back to some of our memories. So let's check it out!
The outdoor area is pretty soothing to enjoy with its green scene. Everything is well kept as natural as possible as the owner of the restaurant loves exotic properties. He owns not only Plataran Venue & Dining in Jakarta, but also all Plataran Hotel, Resorts and Cruises around Indonesia from Bromo, Bali, Komodo to Flores! This below is the old house that he keeps as it is.

The iconic coconuts and the bicycle at the garden
Behind the door below is the actual restaurant room and its pretty classic and old right, but that's what we enjoy the most about the restaurant: The Indonesian Heritage.
Let's come inside the restaurant. The interior is influenced by the traditional palace of Keraton Jogja with this unique leveling roof that I hardly know what to call. The chandelier with its yellow gold light makes an exquisite luxuries to the classic traditional interior. The left and the right wings of the main room are extended with a glass covered room. So you'll experience dining at a semi outdoor room but still with air conditioner.
This picture was taken from my first visit to the restaurant back in 2016. A group of woman celebrated their friend's bachelorate party in this long decorated table. Very beautiful.
These are some of the food that we tried on our first visit, Sate Ayam in Peanut Sauce: super tender and moist with that little hint of spicy. Also Pitan Egg (thousands years egg) with salted egg and vegetable.
This is from our second visit/ last visit to Plataran Dharmawangsa. We had a few foods to try and they were all authentic Indonesian Asian cuisines. 
First Appetizer, Mango Salad with Pomelo Fruit. We actually had 3 similar dishes like this, the picture below is the appetizer while the 2 others are main courses with fried chicken or fried soft shell crab.
The first main course is this Ayam Dharmawangsa. This is actually fried chicken high scallopini topped with union mango slaw, pomelo, with sweet and sour spicy sauce.
Sambal Goreng Sotong (129K) - Spicy Sauteed Squid with ocra and onion. Well, this might look very appetizing, as well as very intense spiciness but to be truth its still enjoyable with that mild spiciness. Squid has that jelly rubbery texture but doesn't literally mean like rubber. But you know that unique chewy texture of a squid, it wasn't that spicy though.
Tumis Paria Ayam (89K) - a very distinctive yet rare dish lately, the Pare or you might call it bitter ground is cooked with some stir fried chicken, bean sproud, green cherry tomato, fried garlic and chili. This is definitely not your typical comfort food but I believe a healthy consious people will love it. The bitter ground is in fact a very healthy choice of vegetable.
This is Pad Thai (85k) - a stir fried Thai style noodle with prawn, tofu, caipo, bean sprout, egg, chives in sweet and spicy. You might like to squish that lime to give a sour yet fresh flavor, while the padthai itself is sweet.
For a refreshment, try this super fresh Jelly Kelapa. Its as simple as its name: pudding made of real coconut water with the coconut flesh still attached inside the coconut's wall.
Last but not the least, Pisang Bakar Plataran! Not exactly a pie, this is banana inside a salty pie dough and then sprinkled with sugar icing. Banana was slightly raw to have that thick texture while in one bit you'll gonna experience sweet yet salty warm banana pie. Its gonna be a hate or a like experience, because salty and sugar might not really work for certain people. But their flavored jam was somehow adding more flavor.
We were with Ms Rindy Hapsari Putri, Corporate Marketing Communication Manager of Plataran Indonesia. It was really nice to meet her and to talk a lot about exciting existing and upcoming project of Plataran Indonesia. We are really looking forward to any restaurants and properties of Plataran! Thank you for reading and if you love this article, please spread it to your circle.


Jl. Dharmawangsa No. 6, RT.4/RW.2, 
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160

Average Spending for Two: IDR 400.000

RSVP: (021) 29044167



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