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Jumat, 22 September 2017

The Most Anticipated Greyhound Cafe Indonesia

Its been 3 weeks and I finally managed to visit the most anticipated restaurant in town Greyhound! Its finally opening at Grand Indonesia GF West Mall at the former location of Mad for Garlic. Been waiting for months now and its all paid off once we visited here. Greyhound is specializing in fine Thai cuisines. Expect to find your favorite Thai dishes from Pad Thai, Tom Yum, to fancy Asian Western dishes like Meatball Soup, Aglio Olio and Salmon Carpaccio. I can't wait to show what we had there. Let's check it out.
They currently occupy a huge space of restaurant just next to Olivier. You won't expect that by looking at the front door because I was quite amazed once I stepped in. The interior is kinda black darkish with a touch of wooden floor and table.
The main dining area

The best Thai Tea Granita in town! Definitely a must try whenever you visit Greyhound. This drink has been so popular on their original country that if you haven't tried it yet, you've never really been to Greyhound! Personally for me who don't really drink sweet, this was somehow too sweet. So what I did was to add some water in it, and that's when the sweetness was balanced. But for my friend who apparently loves sweet, this was totally perfect for her.
Salmon Carpaccio with Thai Spicy Sauce (88K) - a tradisional Italian dish with a twist! For those of you who are not familiar with carpaccio, originally its a raw fish or beef dish with some fresh squish of lemon, olive oil and truffle. While for this one at Greyhound, they are using fresh sliced raw salmon with a major fresh sour flavor and fragrant leaf based paste kinda like pesto. Its definitely a nice sharing appetizer to start with.
This might not look fancy and appetizing, but trust me, this is thin crispy fragrant salty savory fried chicken wings (65K). Crispy on the outside but very moist in the inside, the perfect salty seasonings really sipped into the wings! We even had more than one porsion to share together.
Despite not ordering their famous Pad Thai, I tried a little spoon of the dish and I was surprised! It got that smokey flavor that I always love in a food! Prawns were generous as well, I think this is a must order here!
This is what I personally had for my lunch, a warm and tasty Braised Beef Meatball soup with vermicelli (85K). Beef and Meat were very generous, well there's definitely a price to pay and its not even comparable to your standart meatball soup. Soup was light while meat was very tasty. Add some sambal or chili for a perfect hot soup!
This is their signature Thai Tom Yum Koong with Ravioli (110K). I can't consider this as a main course because what you'll get from this bowl is a huge prawn and a few shrimp ravioli kinda like wonton or pangsit. Despite the petite portion, its undoubtedly a very nice tom yum dish with that not so creamy broth but still delivering a perfect sour flavor. Prawn was really huge and very fresh! I bet you need to add some rice for this dish :)
One of the signature dessert here is this buttered white or wheat toast called Happy Toast (56K) with some choices of toppings/sauces. Put whatever sauce you like, there are around 5 choices of sauce to try.
Last but not the least, their famous  Coconut Crepe Cake (72K) with that cute deer shaped biscuits! So sad that we didn't try it. I think that's all for Greyhound Cafe. We did enjoy our lunch experience here and we really hope to come back again anytime sooner for more of their signature dishes. Thank you guys for reading and if you like it, please help us share it to your circle!


Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall - Lobby Arjuna West Mall

Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM

RSVP: 021-23581363



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