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Jumat, 13 April 2018

Celebrating Lucy's Birthday at La Posta - Taste of Argentina

11 April 2018 ~ The day Lucy turned 31 this year. We never really celebrated birthday, only a surprise whole cake in the midnight and a little birthday present. But as Lucy is currently on leave (of the office), we had a day off to get out and have some nice food for lunch. We decided to visit La Posta at KH Mas Mansyur, South Jakarta. Its probably not the newest restaurant around, but we've seen them quite a few times whenever we passed by KH Mas Mansyur. We've covered our dining experience in this blog, so check it out!
First impression: it was so quiet, like no customers. We came here on the weekday lunch time and we were the only 3 persons to dine in (of course with our baby), although later on a few customers came in. The dining area was very exclusive and fine, a typical high end restaurant around Sudirman with immaculate wine glasses on the table. As this is an Argentinian Restaurant, the staffs  dressed up neatly with (probably) some sort of traditional South American outfits.
Welcome Bread! We really loved the bread, its very hot, its soft, and its pillowy. There are two dipping dressings: chimichurri and spicy tomato. Chimichurri is normally seen and known in green color, while the one here is the red one. Chimichurri itself is an Argentinian and Uruguayan origins, made of finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and red wine vinegar. No wonder its very aromatic and spices. The spicy tomato is also very unique, you'll get to taste the raw tomato flavor, the slight sourness, while at the same time its a little bit spicy. We loved both sauces, and its surprisingly just a welcome bread!
Iced Tea (30k)
These are our main courses! We ordered three main courses of which the two are ala carte menus and one is lunch package. The lunch package comes with a starter, a choice of select main courses and a choice of beverages.
Breaded Meat Filet - Milanesia
Cheese and Tomato - Piazzolina with Beef (140k). Imported certified black angus sirloin steak dipped in beaten egg, breadcrumbs, seasoned and lightly fried. Then topped with tomato, mozarella and oregano. We personally think that the sliced beef was too thin that the batter was more dominant than the beef. The overall taste was somehow dry, though it was nicely seasoned. 
Ham Classic - Napolitana with Chicken (140k). Prime chicken breast dipped in beaten egg, breadcrumbs, seasoned and lightly fried. Then topped with sliced ham, tomato, mozarella and oregano. Chicken was really tender and moist, the overall dish was thick and very fulfilling although it doesn't come with side dish.
As we told you earlier, they curently offer a weekday's lunch special for only IDR 85.000. Although we already ordered 2 main courses for each of us, we were still interested to try this offer. We picked their Pumpkin Soup for starter, Pork Loin Spiral Sausage for main course, and Iced Tea for the drink. This is definitely a nice lunch option around the area. We couldn't say its super delicious whatsoever, but we think its not bad at all.  
Jeffri had prepared this not so fancy chocolate cake since last night and we decided to bring it to the restaurant for a quick photo.
It was overall a nice and fine restaurant, it was very comfortable even for a cup of coffee. Price was a tad pricey, but it was paid off with their delicious dishes. Lunch Special is also available every weekdays on lunch time for only 85.000! It is totally worth it for an affordable business lunch around the area. Definitely recommended, especially for a couple :)


Jl. Karet Pasar Baru Timur 5 No. 25, Sudirman, Jakarta

Opening Hours:
- Monday - Wednesday : 11h to 15h, 18h to 21h 30m
- Thursday - Saturday : 11h to 15h, 18h to 22h
- Sunday : Closed

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000



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  1. Thanks for your honest and descriptive review of La Posta - Taste Of Argentina! We look forward to having you back some time :-)