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Jumat, 27 April 2018

GOOBNE ~ Korea's Most Popular Oven Roasted Crispy Chicken

ALL THE WAY FROM KOREA (bahasa yang umum digunakan untuk resto yg masuk indo :p) Yasshhh GOOBNE is an original Korean Franchise with over 1.000 outlets in Korea itself. Highly popular for its oven roasted crispy chicken, not oil fry! Its in fact healthier with no oil cooking at all. We noticed Goobne a month ago around March 2018 during their Grand Opening when we had our lunch around PIK area. And now we finally had the chance to visit them and try a few of their signature crispy chicken dishes. Let's check them out!
If you're wondering how to spell the name, its exactly how you read it in english "gupne". At least that's what we were curious about when we saw the name.
FYI, Goobne Indonesia is the first franchise in South East Asia, and soon (not confirmed yet) to open in Malaysia as well. But as you can see from the maps below, they have expanded their business to China, Hongkong, Macau and Japan.
Little did we know that Girls Generation had become their brand ambassador for around 8 years in Korea, while later continued by one of the most popular boy band in Korea "EXO". These 2 girl and boy bands are actually famous world wide with millions of fans!
Ice Yuja Tea (35k)
Mango Juice (35k)
Rita Shark Blood (69k) - blue curacao cocktail (non-alcohol) with shark blood (berry). They actually have a free Shark Blood during their opening promo. Ask the staff for more info :)
Volcano Cheese Tteok-bokki (89k) - Korean style sweet and spicy tteok-bokki with curly noodle,cabbage and boiled egg in creamy melted mozarella. We don't normally like tteok-bokki (this sounds cliche) but trust me, this is as good as it looks! Very creamy, savory, sweet and very fulfiling if you have it by yourself. Although we suggest you to share this at least for two, so that you can share other menus.
Goodne Deep Cheese (179k) - Oven roasted chicken coated with creamy cheedar powder mixed with blue cheese powder. Juicy and moist yet crispy roasted chicken with that sweet powdery cheese flavor. Easily becomes our favorite chicken amongst all that we tried! This is actually the original huge portion which is equal to a whole chicken. This is definitely for shared with 2-3 persons as it is gigantic! Its also recommended to have it right away when its hot and crispy, because when you take it away, the chicken tends to become not crispy and the cheese powder tends to become wet.
HALF & HALF ~ Goobne Original & Goobne Volcano (189k). If you're thinking to try two different chicken variants instead of just one big whole plate, try this Half & Half. The original Goobne Chicken is basically the pure 'virgin' chicken with little (or probably no) marination and little seasonings. Its still fragrant, mild salty, and not crispy but don't imagine Pek Cam Ke aka Chinese Style Salty Chicken Chop :)  
In contrary, the Goobne Volcano is the sweet and spicy one with full of flavor. On the very first few bites, its gonna be mild spicy. But the aftertaste gonna be spicier especially on your throat. AND that is the normal volcano one, while you can actually opt for the extreme volcano which is burning hot. BEWARE :)
Cheese Vondue Chicken (189k) - juicy thigh boneless chicken glazed in sweet and spicy oven roasted chicken surrounded by 3 different cheeses! The cheeses came unmelted until they turned on the portable stove on your table. You can ask the server to serve you the chicken by rolling the melted cheese into the chicken. Well this is pretty much as tempting and as mouthwatering as how you imagine having sweet and spicy chicken with cheese. And its hugeee, so make sure to share it with your friends.
Cheese Dak-Galbi (179k) - Korean traditional Stir-fried chicken marinated with sweet and spicy red chili paste with cabagge, onion, sweet potato and rice cake, cooked on the iron plate. This is even bigger than the previous Cheese Vondue Chicken. Pretty much similar cheeses, they serve it unmelted as you can see below. If you like something more than just boneless chicken, this has more variety.
Goobne Pepper Crispy (169k) - one of the best selling crispy chicken at Goobne. You can tell from the very first time by the super mouthwatering golden crispy chicken. Again although this is crispy, this is not fried at all. All using special oven roast to give that crisp yet still healthy, and not oily at all! Unlike common crispy chicken which gives salty and savory flavor, this one is more into fragrant peppery flavor with a mild spiciness. It comes with a special sweet secret mayo sauce for dipping, we can't really tell what does it taste like.
So here's our final though, the restaurant is targeted to a very niche market: customers who love Korean Crispy Chicken. If you love Korean barbeque, Korean rice dishes, or any other Korean cuisines, then this is not the place. But if you love something meaty yet stil healthy, this is right for you. And we still believe the price is fair enough for the Indonesian market, considering its big in portion. Overall, a very recommended one!

Pantai Indah Kapuk Ruko Crown Golf Blok B no. 15-16

RSVP: (+62)812-1045-2287

Average Spending for two: IDR 350.000




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