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Jumat, 20 April 2018

Devon Cafe ~ All The Way from Sydney

All the way from Sydney, YES our second home where we pursued our post graduates! We remember we visited their Sydney's outlet back in 2016 during our winter holiday and it was very Aussie. Then we visited their newly opened Jakarta's outlet and it was somehow very different. We didn't really feel the Aussie vibe, possible due to its small space. The room was very packed during Saturday afternoon because the hype was still ON. People came and waited here like nonstop, thanks to the quick spread through social media. As we were also invited for some food tasting, we will only review what we tasted during that day. Let's have a look!
 The room was quite packed and its too small actually. We wish they occupied a larger space where we could relax longer. With current hectic situation where we stood too close too each other, it wasn't quite comfortable for a long chit chat over some tea or coffee.
Iced Orange Mocha (40k) - the combination of strong acidic coffee mocha with a hint of some sort of citrus or lemony.
Let's talk about the food!
Start off with this Bakmie Truffle (85k) - the fanciest bakmie ever with sweet soy marinated chicken, shitake mushroom, hioko mushroom and truffle oil! This is basically a Jakarta's style chicken noodle aka bakmie ayam with a strong smell of truffle. I personally didn't really taste the truffle in my tongue, but yes it smelled very strong. Is it worth the 85k price tag? I don't really think so. It's a matter of preference I guess, but for 85k in a cafe I expected more like wonton, meatballs, or something else.
MFC (70k) - chicken drumstick marinated in shrimp paste served with nahm jim. It smelled like KFC but it tasted Asian with that shrimp marination. We could imagine having it with some rice :)
Sichuan Pepper Tofu (50k) - crispy tofu tossed with scud chilli, garlic oil, sichuan pepper. Imagine having tahu sumedang, yes almost exactly the same texture except for the sichuan flavor. To be very honest, not really my favorite but it was still okay.
Ogre Happy Meal (140k) - grilled ox tongue, cauliflower puree, sauteed spinach, fried eggs, hash brown, chicken jus and pickled onion. We didn't know it was ox tongue until we read the menu! Seriously guys the texture was super smooth, juicy and definitely amazingly delicious. This is definitely a MUST ORDER!
Breakfast with The Sakuma's (180k) - miso grilled king salmon, eel croquette, 63 degrees egg, petit radish salad and furikake. The salmon is definitely the star here, it was perfectly cooked, still moist inside and tasted a little smokey. Its not the biggest salmon size for the 180K price tag, so if you fancy Salmon dish then this is a must try. But if you're looking for a worth it and fulfilling Salmon dish, this might be a bit smaller in size. But overall taste wise it was really good.
Devon Benedict with Bacon (110k) - charcoal bun, poached eggs, sauteed spinach, squid ink, hollandaise, black tobiko, salmon caviar. Quite possibly the best one we had here, though they also have the salmon option, the bacon one was really good. And its the first time we had black hollandaise sauce on top of poached eggs covered underneath. The charcoal bun was soft and fluffy as well. A MUST ORDER!
Here's our final thoughts: Foods were nice, no doubt about it. They even added some local favorite foods like Bakmi Ayam, Nasi Gila, Fried Whole Fish, etc. But it was super packed inside and we felt like cramped with all those crowd. It didn't feel comfortable sitting longer. So, sitting outdoor must be better although without aircon :)

Senayan City Mall Lower Ground

Average Spending for two: IDR 350.000




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