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Selasa, 20 Juni 2017

Tropical Paradise at KATAMARAN Resort Lombok

Are you ready for our next staycation review??? Because we are going to bring you to one of the most exotic paradise in Indonesia! Welcome to Katamaran Resort in Senggigi, Lombok. A tropical vibe at the north west coast of Lombok island just next to Bali. The picture above is the reason why I was totally sold to this resort. Katamaran is uber famous for its clear see-through glass swimming pool overlooking the beautiful blue ocean. Without further a due, let's check out more!
Welcome to paradise! The lobby with this beautiful green view attracted me to quickly tour around the resort. Upon arrival, you'll be served with a nice fresh mocktail on the lobby. While the check in time was sharp at 14:00 PM during a peak month, I put my bagages on the lobby and toured around the pool area to just have a quick tour. We couldn't check in earlier despite arriving around 13:00 PM because all rooms were occupied and ours was under-prepared.
The lobby viewed from the other side
Walking a few meters from the lobby, here's the beautiful ocean view. The beach is just down there. Don't you think this is the best view for breakfast or dinner?
This was our home for one night! One villa has two floors (two rooms) and we stayed at the first floor. They upgraded our room into Ocean view room which is the view you saw from the previous picture above.
This is the view in front of our room. The nice thing about the bed is that its facing the ocean as well! So, whenever you open your door, you'll see the great ocean view!
This is our room, it is not the most beautiful one, at least I have to admit. But it is still very comfortable to stay. If you see the picture below, the toilet is located just behind the bed and the toilet door when closed is disguised as a closet.
Just when we step outside the room, the breathtaking view is waiting for you. The pool is located just across our room, in between the beach and the villa. So if you're lucky to stay on the second floor, you can clearly see the beautiful pool from a higher level.
The pool is clearly the main reason why I picked this resort over the others. I love swimming and the unique see-through swimming pool is just brilliant. I've never seen anything like this before, at least in my country Indonesia.
The pool looks like an infinite one and is integrating with the blue ocean and the blue sky. Its best to enjoy sunset from the pool like below.
Excuse my 'lots of me' photos here, because Lucy couldn't swim!
They also have a kid's pool, just next to the main pool. Well, if you can't swim, at least you can relax on this white chair.
They also have this round table surrounded by water, and its the perfect place to have your afternoon tea.
Over there (picture below) is actually a restaurant that I'm going to show you after this.
Welcome to the Kliff restaurant. The second restaurant on the resort designated for an afternoon cocktail or dinner. They open everyday from 4 PM to late night. We visited here around 17:00 for a dinner and look what we saw here! Oh btw, they have a special 50% off for mocktail and cocktail from 4 PM to 7 PM. Mocktail starts from 50k and cocktail starts from 100k. That's really cheap compared to most restaurants in a 5 star hotel.
Its the beach down there!
One of the most interesting menu from the menu book is this Pasta Lobster. I honestly tell you I never ordered pasta with lobster like this before and I was never really interested to order one anywhere else. But somehow both of us really wanted to try it, even when it's not so cheap around IDR 380.000++. But let me tell you, I was beyond satisfied. The portion was gigantic like for 2 persons. The presentation was gorgeous like something not only for the mouth, but also for the eyes. Taste wise, Ah Mah Zing! Seriously, the most delicious Lobster Pasta I've ever had. The perfect creaminess, the perfect lobster's texture, and the perfect tomato paste. We really enjoyed our dinner here from bright sky to dark night.
Good Morning Katamaran! Let's check out their breakfast menus. The breakfast is located on their main Indonesian restaurant near the lobby. It opens everyday from morning to late night! Breakfast here is buffet, so you'll get to eat anything available here.
Foods are mixed Indonesian, Western, European.
Our table with this green view
We were very satisfied with the food selections. You can also order your favorite coffee, tea or juices from the waitress, its included on your buffet breakfast!
Well, I'll let the pictures tell by itself.
You can also have your breakfast near the beach! They have a few tables outside of the restaurant (outdoor) like below!
The day has finally come to an end. It is also the last day of our long 13 day trip: Perth, Bali, Lombok 18 - 30 May 2017. I genuinely think this is the best place in Senggigi to spend the rest of our day. From comfortable bed room, beautiful beach and ocean view, unique see-through swimming pool, to a perfect dining restaurant. We'll surely miss you a lot, Katamaran Resort!


Jl. Raya Senggigi, Senggigi, Batu Layar, Kabupaten Lombok Barat

RSVP: (0370) 6197888



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