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Kamis, 29 Juni 2017

Lewis & Carroll Flower Market at Central Grand Indonesia

The uber hyped Flower Market in Central Grand Indonesia is finally on our blog! This is Lewis and Carroll second outlet after their first one in South Jakarta. We happened to visit here in mid June 2017 when we were actually looking for some dinner and we heard about this newly opened flower market. It is located at Upper Ground Central Department Store just before the border with Kempinski. We instantly fell in love with the ambience here. Its just so calming and relaxing. But how's the food? Well, we've covered our short review here!
Room was quite spacious!
Lewis and Carroll was first popular for their authentic tea leaves. So, having some teas is a must here! We didn't actually tried their tea from the tea leaves options below. Instead, we order their iced fragrant teas.
These are 3 different iced teas that me and my friends tried (from left to right):
1. Crystaline Mojito (55k) - Lucy's
2. Tropical Hibiscus (55k) - Mine
3. Lychee Paradise (50k) - My Friend's
I personally love my Tropical Hibiscus, its super scentful with that hint of berry flavor. If you don't drink hot flavored tea, well at least try one of these iced teas!
What I had for dinner here is Truffle Salmon Carbonara (145k). I am an avid fan of truffled dishes. Anything with truffle oil makes a great dish, at least for me. This one was one exceptional dish! I wish they put a little more olive oil just to make it less creamier and sticky. Otherwise, this was no doubt my favorite!
Lucy tried their Salmon Matah (125k) with Nasi Uduk and fresh salad. Salmon was perfectly seared with lots of super spicy sambal matah. Well, this was delicious!
This is the one that my friend ordered, which I didn't try. But judging from the look, it looks yumm! I really hope I'm coming back again in the near future to try the other dishes here. But first impression here is great!


Grand Indonesia Mall Upper Ground at Central Department Store

Average Spending for two: IDR 350.000



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