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Sabtu, 30 Desember 2017

New Menus at SUSHI HIRO

Its my first time to Sushi Hiro despite hearing a lot of people saying that their sushies are one of the best in town. But as you know that I'm actually not a big fan of sushi, I never really came to a Sushi Restaurant unless there's a specific reason like gathering, birthday, invitation or others :)  Nevertheless, after trying the new menus here a few weeks ago,  I have to admit that (no cliche) it was one of The Best Experience! Have to tell you though that the restaurant at PIK is quite cramped and packed during peak dining hour. Without further a due, let's have a look at the new menus!
As this is an invitation event, the room was beautifully decorated with christmas theme. And the whole restaurant was actually closed for a short periode of time until the event finished. They displayed all the new menus and some popular exisiting menus on the table so that we could take some pictures. So here what I captured :)
Sushi Hiro is popular and quite well known for its sushi stairs like this below. Although it is actually (only) for aesthetic purpose, it somehow gives a fun and exciting sushi dining experience. Imagine if those sushies are put on a flat plate, that won't look as appetizing as it is now.
Let's start with their new appetizers! Tofu Butter Steak ~ soft silky tofu lightly fried on the outside with some butter sauce. It was definitely fragrant with that light butter flavor. A pretty nice appetizer to start with.
Salmon & Kanpachi Carpaccio with mix Hot & Sour Sauce.
Tuna Tataki - fresh raw tuna with fried garlic in soy sauce
Abura Salmon Mentai - this is one of the menus that I always try to find in a Japanese Sushi Restaurant. That mentai cream sauce on top is always satisfying.
Let's start off with one of my most favorite ones: Smoked Duck Sushi Series. I have never in my life tried sushi with duck or let alone smoked duck and surprisingly it was a perfect sushi pairing. There are 4 variants that you can try below, but my favorite is definitely the cheese one! The tender smoked duck gives a salty flavor, the cheese gives a creamy sensation, while the Japanese rice is the balancer for the salty and cheesy flavor. Really recommended!
  • Smoked Duck Mentai
  • Smoked Duck Cheese
  • Smoked Duck Blackpepper
  • Smoked Duck Original
Salmon Mentai Roll ~ classic sushi filled with crab stick and egg, and topped with creamy salmon and fish roe. You'll gonna love this!
Sushi Bomb Series (second stair). I'm not particularly remember which one that I tried as we were sharing the whole new menus with some other foodies on the table. But for sure the one (amongst the 6) that I had was really good
  • Beef Gunkan
  • Angel Bomb
  • Fire Bomb
  • Special Bomb
  • Salmon Volcano Roll
  • Beef Volcano Roll

This is what they call Box of Heaven. Seriously, a square wooden box filled with 9 heavenly tempting assorted sashimi.
New main course: Ultimate Truffle Tori Dry Ramen with Onsen Egg. Angel hair pasta with some spread of fragrant truffle oil, minced chicken and onsen egg. The truffle was soooo fragrant like I could have two bowls of this! This somehow reminded me of a classic Bakmi Ayam, probably because of the thin noodle and the minced chicken.
Hamburg Curry Rice (didn't try this)
I overall really enjoyed most of the new menus. Despite not trying the whole new menus, I can bravely announce that they are currently on top of my best sushi restaurant lists in town! Especially the Smoked Duck Sushi Series, that was excellent!


Rukan Garden House Blok B no. 18D, PIK

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000

RSVP: (021) 29033461



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