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Rabu, 20 Desember 2017

TERAS DHARMAWANGSA by Plataran Venue & Dining

I believe some of you noticed that I just came back from Japan on 15 December 2017 and right away the day after (16 December 2017) I visited Teras Dharmawangsa at South Jakarta, exactly at Dharmawangsa Square. Just for your information, Teras Dharmawangsa is part of Plataran Dining Group, one of total four restaurants in Jakarta. And its actually their most affordable restaurant amongst the four. When I say affordable, it literally means cheap in a very good way like you can have tons of Indonesian, Chinese and Thai dishes for less than 50K. That's way cheaper than the other 3 restaurants, although you can't really compare apple to apple between the affordable one with the expensive ones. Having said that, I still fell in love with the ambience inside the restaurant. I really felt the old Betawi & Chinese vibe from all those decorations and furnitures. Also, they are occupying 3 floors with a private lift inside the restaurant. So, let's check them out!
First Floor with its traditional old style Indonesian influence. Not the most spacious restaurant, especially compared to the other 3 restaurants: Plataran Menteng, Plataran Dharmwangsa and Patio Venue. Nevertheless, it is still a very nice comfy place to have a casual dining or simply some afternoon snacks with tea or coffee. They do have some traditional Indonesian snacks in case you come by for tea time or a business meeting. I'll show you later.
Perspective from the 1st floor entrance.
Perspective from inside of the room.
The beverage and snack bar.
2nd Floor with its yellowish and redish theme, more to a Chinese Peranakan influence, You can tell from the red color with the unique pattern on the red window (photo below). I personally love the second floor more as it is definitely more spacious than the 1st floor. And they have sofa as well! The colors combination is somehow very cheerful and exciting. While the 3rd floor is used for a special occation/ private function and meeting.
Let's start off with the first thing we had here: Es Kopyor Durian (49k)! One of the best durian flavored shaved ice so far. The perfect combination of traditional red syrup (I think coconut flavor) with real durian like one big piece of fresh durian flesh. I am a  big fan of durian, but when it comes to durian desserts I always hate it. But I swear honestly this one was really good!
Kopi Pink (37k) - Esspresso, strawberry, cereal, vanilla, milk. This is a fancy version of affogato where the strawberry ice cream and the white cream are on the glass and you simply pour the espresso into the glass. Its just a perfect strawberry coffee, the coffee itself wasn't overly bitter. I really liked it!
Kopi MAKEss (39k) - MAKEss is actually Mint, Alpukat, Karamel, and Esspresso. Basically its avocado coffee but the avocade flavor wasn't too overpowering the whole coffee, so its a balance of avocado, coffee, and sweet caramel. If you are looking for a refreshing one, this probably might not suitable for you as it is quite thick. But if you are looking for a fancy coffee with unique flavor, then this is the one to try.
Coffee Chruncy (35k) - Esspresso, milk, vanilla ice cream, bubble gum, cashew. Too bad I didn't try it.
Kopi Ungu (37k) - Espresso, taro and milk. Another one that I didn't try, but the addition of taro must be interesting :)
Hot Lemongrass Ginger
Jus Kedondong - claimed to be the signature drink here.
These are some of their tasty Indonesian snacks/cakes that you can actually pick from the glass bar on the 1st floor. Its exactly what I'm looking for from traditional Indonesian snacks.
 A few recommendation for their starters:
  • ENOKI GORENG: crispy spicy mushroom
  • SALAD MANGGA: mango, pomello, coriander, carrot slaw, shallot in spicy dressing
  • LUMPIA SAYUR: vegetables spring roll
Salad Mangga (35k) - Manggo and carrot slaw, corriander, lemongrass and shallot in spicy dressing. You'll get to taste slight sour, sweet, and spicy. Very nice appetizer!
Lumpia Sayur (26k) - crispy vegetable springroll with sweet sambal sauce. This is an appetizer that I think also perfect for an afternoon tea companion. Simple yet very delicious.
I didn't take photo of their Enoki Goreng, but I think its one of the best fried enoki mushroom I had so far. 
If you are craving for some DIM SUM, don't worry! As this is a mix of Indonesian and Peranakan, you'll be pampered with their tasty decent dim sum (I think they are halal, but Correct me if I'm wrong). One of their signature dimsum is Bapao Durian, the yellow spiky pao filled with some durian paste. Psss.. the owner loves durian, that's why they have this Bapao Durian and a few other durian desserts. 
Some other dimsum that I tried were Siomay Udang, Pangsit Goreng Mayonnaise, Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam.

Let's check out their Main Courses. As I've told you earlier that the food here is very affordable like 80% menus are less than 50k, except for the Oxtail Fried Rice.
Ayam Kuluyuk - sweet and sour chicken with onion and paprika. That glaze on the chicken is simply mouth watering! Sweet and sour sauce sipped into the tender and smooth chicken.
Tahu Telor Asin - silk tofu with salted egg. Its slightly crispy on the outside and very smooth on the inside as it is silk tofu. Don't imagine tahu sumedang because they are different. Salted egg sauce on point :)
Mie Charsiu Bebek - Hongkong noodles with pakchoy, sliced chicken char siu (49k) or slice duck (55k). This is one of the most favorites or I simply call it the signature dish in Teras Dharmawangsa. It's everybody's favorite, the noodle is seasoned with Hongkong style soy sauce, topped with corriander and tender sliced duck. THE BEST! Oh btw, it comes with light broth soup.
Mie Urat Sapi - Another similar dish (as Mie Charsiu above) with beef and urat sapi. Beef was tender and sweet.
Nasi Goreng Ijo (45k) - spicy green fried rice with chicken and fried salted fish. All I can say is perfect savory fried rice with a little nice crunch from the fried fish.
Nasi Goreng Ijo Buntut (99k) - a fancier version of the Nasi Goreng Ijo with a big chunck of beef oxtail, topped with fried shallot, plus fried egg. Fried rice itself has been so delicious, imagine salty savory streetfood style fried rice, plus those grilled sweet tender oxtail. I'm a FAN!
Closer look at the oxtail.
A few other menus to mention:

  • TERONG EBI: sliced aubergin, ebi with sweet and spicy sauce 
  • BUNCIS AYAM baby string beans with chicken and egg 
I personally think amongst four restaurants by Plataran Dining group, Teras Dharmawangsa is the one that I'm gonna visit quite often. Its no cliche, simple because its affordable, its super tasty and definitely family friendly. The wide selections of food from traditional Indonesian snacks, Indonesian cuisines to Chinese Peranakan cuisines (including dimsum) really suit me and my family's palette. I'll definitely come back again for a relaxing laid back sunday :) 


Darmawangsa Square City Walk,
Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 08:00 - 22:00
Weekends: 07:00 - 22:00

Average Spending for two: IDR 200.000

RSVP: (021) 27513687



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