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Rabu, 26 April 2017

Tempatnya Salmon Seger di

OMG this is just beautiful! I got this whole fresh (non-frozen) Salmon from, an online based Salmon & Fish distributor. I never really saw a whole Salmon fillet until I got mine at home. They sent it with a big styrofoam box filled with shaved ice to keep the Salmon fresh along the delivery. The Salmon itself was inserted into an air-tight plastic to keep it hygenic and fresh. I personally don't eat fish that much, but trust me when I cooked it my self, this was not fishy at all and totally super fresh. More picture inside!
The whole Salmon that I got is 1.16 kg. I sliced it into 6 parts (as below) to feed up to 6 people. I squished some lemon juices to get rid of the fishy smell (although it was not fishy at all). This is a fillet Salmon, so its actually ready cook. And its a Sushi grade Salmon, so you can definitely eat it right away without cooking it. I mean look at that fresh orange color, its just so tempting to the eyes!
Besides Salmon, they also have one signature product: Unagi! This is actually my first time seeing whole unagi sold online. Normally we can find unagi in most Japanese Restaurant, but it is cut into smaller size. This one came in one long size. The good thing is, this is pre-cooked and ready to eat! Again, they wrap it inside an air-tight plastic to keep it fresh. All you need to do is to microwave it a few minutes and its ready to serve. It tastes sweet actually and its perfect with any carbohydrate I guess.


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