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Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

Staycation at Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya

Back to a hotel review, I think its really been a while like the last time I had a nice stay was in Bali. I really like to experience something new to my trip, or lets say 'Staycation' where you pamper yourself around a nice resort with all of their facilities. I've been to exotic places around the country and I'm still exploring at this moment. Last week 29 April - 1 May 2017, we went to Surabaya for a 3 day trip with our friends, and the last time I visited Surabaya was like more than 10 years ago when I was elementary grade. I forgot everything about Surabaya and I had imagine going back one day with the new Surabaya. You know I admire Surabaya's mayor, Ibu Risma, with all her big transformation to the second biggest city in Indonesia. Our first stay in Surabaya was in Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya. Let's check out more!
I can not quite say its the most luxurious hotel in Surabaya, eventhough Shangri-la has been well-known for its luxurious property. My first impression when I reached the front most gate of the hotel was like this is a little bit old, you can judge from the old building and the peeled off paint. I mean yes they keep the luxurious feeling, but they need to upgrade their old building. The lobby is super spacious especially the lounge as you can see below. I really enjoyed the green background because its actually overlooking the pool area with lots of tall trees. Its that refreshing feeling when you sit around the lobby, especially near the tall clear glass.
Coming up next: The room! We booked their standart room for one night and here how it looked. The room size is around 30+ meters with standart 5 star facilities inside the room. The room interior was quite old actually, I think they have not upgraded it since the first time. You can tell from the stained / dirty carpet around the floor. Bed sheet was also not the cleanest or at least something you expect from a 5 star hotel. I'm not here to tell bad about the room, because I believe honesty is important for readers and I have no bad services during my stay. In fact, I really enjoyed my stay here, its just the old materials that matter.
Anyway, while doing nothing, I like to listen to my favorite music using my latest high tech wireless headphone by Sudio. This is a bluetooth based headphone with high quality bass in a very small, light and company size. Its a cordless headphone, so you don't need to attach your cable to the Smartphone jack. 
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Also check out my full review of this product on this blog, or CLICK HERE 
Toilet is another different thing. They adopted European style toilet especially the closets, because I've been to a few European countries and they have these two closets system for 'pooping' and 'hand cleaning'. Its just weird everytime I see this, because I've been used to using hand sprinkler for cleaning. Nevertheless, its the first time I saw this in Indonesia :)
Oh hello there, its me! You know what, the dawn before I arrived in Surabaya, I had prepared my tooth brush and the tooth paste at home. BUT I missed them and I just realized it when I was on my way to Soekarno Hatta airport. So luckly, Shangri-la has a complete standart mouth-cleaning facilities: tooth brush and tooth paste. Its a proper Pepsodent tooth paste anyway, so no complain! Normally, hotels provide you with a home industry tooth paste which I will never use. Standart bath soap, shower bath, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion are provided as well. And they are very fragrant, more like a classic herbs fragrant. Although they are not a branded product, they are still imported from Singapore as I read on the back of the product. 
Some facts from my past stay at many different hotels, I've got toiletries provided by Kiehl's and L'ocitanne. That was very cool, because these two are my favorite skin care products at the moment. And these two hotels are not even a  5 star hotel actually, so I really appreciate the very small details like this. 
Complimentary 2 bottles of water and some coffee and tea bags are provided. There's no mini bar, but they provide an empty fridge in case you need to store your food or drinks.
This is my window's view facing the front entrance of the hotel. Actually, the hotel itself is located just across Mall Ciputra. So you can just walk across the street to the shopping center.
Breakfast is always exciting especially when you're having a relaxing staycation. I had been very looking forward to the breakfast here at Shangri-La Surabaya. 5 Star Hotel has always prepared the best breakfast, especially in Indonesia. You know what, I've been to Shangri-La Sydney and they didn't provide breakfast, like breakfast is something expensive in Australia, I Guess. Because everytime you book a room anywhere in Australia, they don't normally offer breakfast.
Back to Shangri-La Surabaya, they have quite tons of food to try. Just like any other 5 star hotels in Indonesia. When I had my seat, the polite staff offered me tea or coffee, or even both. So I opted both, Dilmah english breakfast tea and a cup of cappucinno. I couldn't ask for more, these two are my actual daily drinks in the morning at home. Next, they also have (canned) juices and fresh juices from watermelon, honeydew to apple juice. The rests you can see from the pictures.
What I had for my breakfast! I'm not a buffet person so I didn't eat that much. These 2 plates were the only food I had, too little right?
Next to the restaurant, its the swimming pool!
Well I just couldn't help myself but jumping into the pool right after my breakfast. The blue color surrounded by green dense trees were very tempting. Lucy couldn't swim, so I went to the pool by myself.
This hotel is also kids friendly as they have a baloon playground and kids swimming pool. Its great when you and your whole family come together. That's all from my staycation at Shangri-la Hotel Surabaya. I hope you guys enjoy reading this, see you on my next staycation!


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