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Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

Wine Tasting with Basiollo by DSP Wine & Spirits

Its our very first Wine Tasting event, like properly tasting wines with some great explanation about how to enjoy wines, which glasses to use and about the wine itself. The event was held in Papillon Duo at Pacific Place, Saturday 6 May 2017. Its a very exciting event where influencers from different backgrounds (food, lifestyle, fashion, travel) came together to taste  4 different wines from Batasiolo by DSP Wines & Spirits, a leading wine distributor in Indonesia. You are also looking at those beautiful immaculate wine glasses by Riedel Indonesia! So, let's check out more!

The table was spanning very long with each person got 4 different types of wine glasses, one glass of water and some food samplers for wine pairing.
These were the food samplers, and they were actually really good. They had burger for red wine, pannacota for dessert wine, and a cheese cookie for white wine. There is a reason behind that! Red Wine is great paired with red meat, White Wine is great with white meat, fish or salty savory dishes, while Dessert Wine/ Cocktail Wine is great with sweet desserts.
This is Pinot Chardonnay, the first wine that we tasted. Its pretty light actually, so I believe most people can enjoy this. Fun Fact: We used to live in Sydney where Wine were publicly sold everywhere like every corner of the city, even in the suburb area. They were very cheap, you can find cheap wine as low as AUD$9.99 (roughly 100k). Sadly, we were not that alcohol drinkers that we didn't really understand about Wine. Some that we purchased were really bitter and were not enjoyable at all. So, the only safe option for you (amateur Wine drinkers) is to buy cocktail wine which is the sweet one :)
The second one that we tasted was Chardonnay Serbato (white wine). I wasn't quite sure about the difference between the first one and the second one. Both are white wine and both were pretty light for my tastebud, because they are actually coming from the same Grape source: Chardonnay (green-skinned grape).
The third one and the heavier one is Barbaresco D.O.C.G., which is actually named after the production area of the wine. This is a red wine and as I've mentioned earlier, red wine is great paired with red meat or savory dishes. That's why, we got a petite burger sampler for this red wine.
Room situation during the event. There were estimated 20 influencers in this event mostly lifestyle / fashion influencers.
One by one wine was poured into each of our glass. I personally really like the white wine and the dessert wine, as I'm not a wine drinker. But I do drink alcohol drinks.
Its a really fun and exiciting event and we are very looking forward to any wine tasting event in the future. Thank you DSP Wine & Spirits for the opportunity!


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