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Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

Papa Mama Bistro & Coffee - Jakarta Barat

New Coffee Shop & Bistro in West Jakarta! Not sure if you guys have heard a bread and pastry shop called Papa Mama, but I knew them ever since I moved to Taman Ratu Indah in West Jakarta. They have been there for quite a while focusing on bread, cakes, and pastry. Until this May 2017 when we were surprised by their new Papa Mama Coffee & Bistro. Its a totally different shop? We visited there for some quick lunch and look what we found, delicious brunch menus! Without further a due, let's have a quick tour to their new shop!
This is their first floor, still with their bakery business and some comfy sofas on the right side. I was quite stunned by the time I stepped into the room, as it was bigger, modern and totally different. The right side is an extention I think, because it was used to be a mini garden backyard.
 We went up to the second floor for some lunch and here was the room.
Here is what I tried: Egg Benedict (70k), my always favorite breakfast dish. This one is 2 poached eggs with hollaindaise sauce, sauteed mushroom, bacon, pesto sauce, corriander leaves and Corn Fritters at the bottom. Everything was on point, but the corn fritters were very chewy and tough. They probably had pre-cooked it, because that's how food become chewy. The eggs were perfectly poached, the yolks were melting. Overall I'm a fan! :)
Lucy loves Salmon, so she tried their Pan Fried Salmon with Pumpkin Puree, brokoli, corriander leaves and poached egg. Its another perfect dish, the salmon was rather petite, but taste wise we loved it! We definitely wouldn't mind come back for another try as the location is just steps away from our home. Congratz for the opening!


Jalan Green Ville Raya Blok AS No. 40C, Duri Kepa, Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours: 08:30 - 21:00

Average Spending for two: IDR 200.000

RSVP: 021-5638805



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