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Kamis, 06 April 2017

SUDIO VASA BLA - Wireless Headphone

Finally receiving my dream wireless headphone from Sudio! I've heard a lot about this Sudio Wireless Headphone from my fellow blogger friends and they were pretty satisfied with the product. And I finally grabbed my own Sudio Vasa Bla, the latest portable wireless headphone from Sudio! Its the size and the bluetooth technology that make me interested to try it. Let's have a look!
First thing first, the packaging is so beautiful with that pinkish ribbon on the box. Its pretty nice to send this as a birthday gift or as a special anniversary gift. I personally think anyone who receives this product would be very happy. Anyway, I have made a short movie clip about my unboxing experience on my youtube channel, but you can watch it here.

This is the first look on the Sudio Vasa Bla, its very light weight and very compact. It is also probably the lightest wireless headphone in the market right now, weighing 14 gram. You can wear it by putting the cable behind your neck, so its gonna be very comfortable to use, especially when you are going to the gym. Running, lifting, etc, no cable messing around no more!
As this is a bluetooth wireless product, the headphone is rechargable through a standard charging cable (provided). This headphone can stand 8 hours of usage for a single charge. If you look on the picture below, there is a small usb hole to charge the headphone. There are also 3 other buttons: 2 volume buttons as usual, and the play button. 

You gonna ask me, how to turn on and off of the product? Well, the play button serves as the power button. All you need to do is to press the play button for around 7 seconds, and you'll gonna see a red blinking sign. By that, you can start searching for the name 'Vasa Bla' on your smartphone bluetooth and you can pair the two bluetooth to get connected. Its that simple actually! And you are ready to listen to your favorite music!
They also give you this small black leather pouch to keep your headphone safe when travelling. There's a warranty card, a small manual book, and 4 pairs of different sized earbuds that you can change to suit your ear. They currently have 4 color options: Rose Gold White, Rose Gold Black, Pink, and Blue. Mine is Rose Gold Black.
Anyway, I am giving you some surprises for your first purchase of any Sudio product. Simply go their official website:, make an order and use my Discount Code: JKTDelicacy. You can get 15% discount + 20% tax discount, plus FREE 1 phone case and FREE delivery to Indonesia. How cool is that! Also check out their official Instagram @sudiosweden or Facebook 'Sudio' for more of their beautiful photo collections.
Check out my honest review on my youtube channel and thank you for reading!


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