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Kamis, 23 Mei 2019

MASANOBU JAKARTA ~ Menara Astra Sudirman

I'm not quite prepared for this blog post, but I just want to share something that I personally believe in. Including this new restaurant called MASANOBU at Menara Astra, Jakarta. It's a casual Japanese restaurant located at a relatively new building in Sudirman, Central Jakarta. The focus of the restaurant is teppanyaki and robata with a warm Japanese hospitality. I really really liked the food especially the Wagyu Bara Chirasi (picture above). It's the best chirasi dish I've ever had (because normally it's seafood with raw fish). Without further a due, let's take a look at some of the dishes that I tried.
Toumorokoshi Chawanmushi (40K) - nice simple chawanmushi with corn. Very smooth and silky, a nice appetizer to start with.
Negishio Wagyu Tongue Salad (100k) - simple salad with thin sliced wagyu tongue. I'm definitely a salad person especially after having lots of red meat. Sometimes you want to cleanse your body and have something neutral and well balanced. The beef tongue has that slightly chewy texture which is actually fine. The salad itself is mixed with some sweet and sour dressing.
Aburi Wagyu Taru Taru (85k) ~ chopped seared wagyu beef, cucumber, onion, sweet soy sauce with garlic and ginger, truffle oil served with egg yolk and garlic toast. It was okay for me because I'm not really fond of raw meat/fish in a tartare dish. But it definitely has that truffle flavor to live up the appetite.
Asparagus Truffle & Onsen Tamago (60k) ~ Onsen tamago or onsen egg with olive oil, butter, soy sauce and black truffle with asparagus. The aspagarus was crunchy, onsen egg was perfectly soft boiled giving it a super smooth and creamy coating to the asparagus. This was my least favorite dish amongst all that I tried to be frankly speaking, simply because the combination of egg and asparagus didn't live up to my expectation.

Dashimaki Tamago Sandwich (38k) ~ is definitely an underdog here. A small two portion of egg sandwich that certainly won my heart. I didn't expect something amazing out of the plain looking sandwich until my first bite wowed me. It was nicely seasoned (I assumed salty soy sauce?) with a perfect aftertaste in my mouth.
Reisie Kani & Ikura Salad Inaniwa Udon with Sesame Dressing (130k) ~ thick and creamy wide udon with bold sesame dressing, topped with big ikura (salmon egg) bursting salty distinct flavor when bitten in our mouth. A unique combination like no others, definitely a MUST TRY dish here!
US Kurobuta Tontoro 200 gr (220k) ~ Charcoal grilled US kurobuta pork cheek served with Oroshi Ponzu Sauce. The meat texture was definitely tender with a slightly bouncy texture, while the egg and ponzu sauce gave a kicking savory flavor to the pork cheek. A MUST TRY!
Grilled Gindara (190k) was just okay for me, though the texture was fine. But I still could taste the fishy flavor and was expecting to have some salt and other  bolder seasonings.
Wagyu Harami Steak 200 gr (300K) ~ Charcoal grilled wagyu skirt steak known for its robust flavor instead of the tender texture. The meat was chewy though it's pretty juicy and smokey. The garlic butter sauce gave that savory kick to the meat. Also available in 100 gr (170k) and 150 gr (240k).
Wagyu Bara Chirasi (450k) ~ the star of the night with assorted wagyu beef parts (including beef tongue), ikura (salmon egg), Japanese scrambled egg and cucumber in a special dark (ponzu?) sauce. Definitely the best Chirasi dish I've ever tried. The savory dark sauce gave a whole new different experience of having Japanese beef rice dish, I mean it was addicting!
French Toast (40k) - petite size french toast with ice cream and fruits. The toast was smooth and soft like pillowy texture with that perfect sweetness from sugar icing and caramel syrup. Definitely a great ending to my dinner.
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Menara Astra, Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Central Jakarta

RSVP: (021) 80600948

Opening Hour: 11 AM - 11 PM

Average Spending for two: IDR 300.000





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