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Jumat, 12 Agustus 2016


So, first thing first, this sign direction is not a fake direction. Its real, lol. If you open up their website, you'll gonna be a little bit confused because they have several sub-websiteS to open. The Grounds is just the big area, but inside they have several different shops / spots. From take away coffee / bread, open space market, to indoor cafe.

If you walk down from the main street, the nearest entrance will lead you to this spot below. But if walk again just a few meters away, you'll see a car park which will lead you to the other entrance with Water Fountain in the front.

The top most picture on this page is their iconic water fountain. From this entrance, you'll be entertained with a big animal cage with a few famous animal characters. From birds, chicken, goat, sheep, to pig. Each of them has their own name as you can see on the wall.

GLAD that I finally saw this beautiful but ugly gigantic hairy pig called Kevin Bacon. I saw this from another blogger who posted this on Instagram, and thank God that I finally saw it with my own eyes. lol. 

The outdoor garden with table and seatings.

There's this take away shop serving breakfast & lunch near the entrance. You can clearly see the menus from the picture below. After you order, you can take it away and have it in the open space garden from the previous pictures. I can tell you that it was super crowded on Sunday, because they had a special The Grounds Sunday Market. So, make sure to come very early because it was hard to find seats.

Around the big area, there are some small carts / stalls selling various foods or fresh produced products. Like these below, you can see lemonade stall selling drinks and fresh strawberry, or others like chocolate stalls or pastries stall. Its really interesting actually, because you really feel like in a real market. 

Then move on to The Grounds Market. It was a special event, not sure if its happening every weekend. But we arrived around 11:40 Am Sunday afternoon and it was super packed with visitors. People come here not just for the food, but also for vacation because its too beautiful.

Live singer on The Grounds Markets. This is a big hall where some sellers offer various products from foods, Coffee, personal care products, eating utensils to many others. It kinda looks like a big garage or warehouse.

Wall Arts inside The Grounds Market


Let me tell you, The Cafe had the longest Queue that we had ever seen for our entire Australian trip. Like seriously, people were lining up for maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour for some seats. We did take the queuing gadget which is a small gadget that will ring when our turn has come. So, we decided to walk around The Grounds Market first while waiting for our turn. They said it might take like 1.5 hours to get our seats, but luckily it was only around 30 - 35 minutes. But we didn't get our own table, instead we shared a long table with other customers because we were only 2 people.

Selections of cakes and pastries only for take away.

 The Dining Room

Its really beautiful inside and it felt so warm and homey to be here. The room was totally packed. We ordered two menus and two coffees. My wife picked the Salmon dish and I pick the Breakfast menu.

The Salmon Skin was perfectly crispy and salty, the salmon's texture was perfectly cooked as well. This is highly recommended and it is available on the lunch menu. Lunch menu is available from 12:00 PM while breakfast menu is available until 11:45 AM.

This is the standard small Latte ($4), the reguler one is $5 and extra shot is $0.50.

Small Cappuccino ($4). Their coffees were quite decent.


I've never ever had a toast with avocado in my life, as long as I remember. And here in Australia, I enjoyed it that much that I almost tried many versions of this menu. And I also never thought that avocado can be this good on a dish.

The signature avocado is A MUST TRY when visiting The Grounds. Its a mix of heirloom tomato, feta cheese, pomegranate, za'atar, avocado and sourdoughs (bread). I added a poached egg for additional $2.5 / IDR 25.000 --> Mahal ya telor mevvah :p

Anyway, if you bring your dog, you can park it here in a special Dog Parking :p


7A, 2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

The cafe Opening Hours:
- Monday to Friday : 7 AM to 4 PM (kitchen closes at 3 PM)
- Saturday and Sunday : 7:30 AM to 4 OM (kitchen closes at 3:30 PM)

Average Spending for two: $50 / IDR 500.000




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