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Jumat, 05 Agustus 2016


So, 4th August 2016 was the launching date of Madeline Rose cake by The Harvest at Senopati. It was really really crowded with lots of TV & Magazine medias including a few bloggers. We wondered why is this so big for a launching of cake. It turned out that they were about to announce the winner for a grand prize trip to Singapore. That sounded really interesting.

The event were started by the introduction of Madeline Rose cake. It is the combination of Strawberry and Mango cake, kinda like mousse, because its really soft, smooth, and creamy. Mike lewis was invited as a guest star for this event.

The taster of Madeline Rose cake with macaroon.

They displayed a lot of beautiful cakes and breads, I think the guests can try it after the show :)

After the cake introduction, the host was about to announce the winner of the grand prize. There were 10 lucky customers who had spent a minimum of IDR 500.000 for The Harvest products and one of them would win the prize. Mike Lewis picked one random winner out of the 10 customers and the medias were very enthusiasts watching the event.

Finally, the winner received a round trip ticket to Singapore with Garuda Indonesia, a luxury stay at Marina Bay Sands and an entrance to Universal Studio Singapore. We were so envy :(

Actually, (almost) at the end of the event, they still had one more similar grand prize for medias and bloggers who came to the show. We were so hopping for a miracle, but sadly that didn't happen lol.

Anyway, congratz again for the launching of Madeline Rose cake! Hope that The Harvest will still keep the crown as the number 1 cake chain in Indonesia!



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