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Senin, 06 Agustus 2018

LE BURGER - Fancy Gourmet Burger at SCBD

So we found this newly opened Le Burger, located just next to Vong Kitchen if you guys know. It is visible from the main street of SCBD although you have to enter the Alila Hotel to park your vehicle. For those who don't know Alila Hotel, it is precisely located across Pacific Place. The restaurant is divided into two areas: dimmed reddish indoor  area and open space outdoor with roof. When you plan to come here, you know you either gonna eat burger or have some drinks, because they don't sell any other foods. We initially didn't intend to review the whole restaurant, but then we really loved their Truffle Burger. So why not sharing a recommended restaurant, right? Here we go!
This is the outdoor area, pretty cozy with the green plants on the wall.
This is the indoor area, don't you think its cool and fancy? There's a bar too!
Here are the two drinks that we ordered, fresh watermelon juice (50K) and iced cappucinno (40k). Both were pretty decent.
So, let's jump off to the burgers! There are just a few burger menus (around 7 menus) and you can't find any other main courses. Two of their recommended burgers are shrimp burger (150k) and truffle burger (single 60k, double 130k). 
Let's talk about the Truffle Burger! They have a single patty and a double patty truffle burger. We picked the double one to experience that legit meaty juicy burger. The truffle tasted & smelled quite intense which is great! The beef patty was juicy, moist and quite thick with that smoky aroma. The brie cheese added more salty flavor to the patty! OMG, this is one of the best burgers we've ever had! The thing that we are curious about is the pricing though, single 60K and double 130k. They actually add another single patty to a normal size burger, but the price is charged doubled. We would rather buy 2 single patty burgers for 120k, than a double patty burger for 130k. Right?
A closer look to their double truffle patty burger.
 Here are a few more shots!
The second burger that we tried is Shrimp Burger (150k). This is actually pretty petite for that 150k price tag. We definitely tasted the shrimp flavor and there were some big chunks of shrimp on the patty. However, considering the price, size and taste, we still prefer the truffle burger one. And btw, all of the burger menus do not include side dish. So if you come with your couple, you better order two side dishes and share it together.
One of the restaurant's recommendation is the Kimchi Dog (120k). It is literally huge hot dog with bunch of kimchi and spicy mayo sauce on top. We both mutually agreed that the kimchi didn't blend quite well together with the hotdog. They are just two different things, the kimchi's sour flavor was somehow killing the hotdog and the mayo.
As for the side dishes, we tried  Jalapeno Fritters (60k) and crazy fries (75k). Jalapeno Fritters is actually fried potato balls with chopped jalapeno chili flavor. However it was not spicy at all, in fact it was very unique with that chili aftertaste. The Crazy Fries is basically thin french fries with cheese. It was quite big though and we didn't even finish it. We wish they put more cheese on top to give it a cheesy kick!
Last but not the least, Banana Pudding (60k). We can't describe how delicious it was! One of the best banana pudding we've ever had! Don't get confused with common silky pudding, because this is definitely not that kind of pudding. In fact, the pudding was not solid at all, its more like a banana flavored cream. Underneath are some diced toast, which is to balance the sweetness of the cream pudding on top. The combination of torched banana, banana cream, crumble and toast are undescribeable, AMAZING!
Well anyway, thank you guys for reading!


Alila Hotel, Lot 11 Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53, SCBD, Jakarta

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000

Opening Hours: 11 AM - 2 AM

RSVP: 021 50808788




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