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Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2015

SLICE OF HEAVEN - Grand Indonesia

[SHORT REVIEW] Back again with another food review after being so busy for a while. Take a look at the cheese above! How can you not love it? Another new restaurant in Grand Indonesia: Slice of Heaven.

I was really really busy preparing for my big day (ssst! its my wedding day) in just 3 weeks from now! And it was like roller coaster because at the same time, I have to do my normal job, prepare my wedding, and review / update food review on my blog and social medias while hunting restaurant here and there.

I went to Grand Indonesia last week when I found this new restaurant. It is a typical modern and funky cafe that attracted me to try. Well, the Buy 2 get 1 food promotion is tempting, isn't it?


Basically, this is the combination of soft tofu, minced beef and melted cheese with tomato based (of course with some secret cream maybe). When I tried it, I felt like eating Lasagna because it was creamy, cheesy and had that tomato acid flavor. It wasn't bad at all, not really my favorite but worth to try. Because you'll never find something like this (tofu and beef???)

The meal comes with a whole baked potato with some tar tar sauce. you can ask for french fries if you don't prefer the baked potato.


This menu is similar to baked chicken katsu. It is a battered chicken (either chicken breast or chicken thigh) with super melted cheese on top. The chicken was really moist and tender, similar to chicken thigh texture. The fried part was very crispy and really good with the melted cheese, especially with some rice! (indo mode on).

They combine the cheese with some chopped red chili to make it spicy, but it was very nice! It actually came with baked potato like the first menu, but I asked for french fries for variety. It was a typical salty frozen fries I guess. There was raw cabbage to neutralize the saltiness of the cheese.


It is a vanilla ice cream with Kiwi, Orange, Strawberry, Red Bean, and Shiratama Ball. Nothing fancy about this dessert. The ice cream was delicious, the fruits were fine, the red bean was sweet. Just the shiratama ball that I think too plain.


This looks nothing but ice cream and toast, but trust me it was HEAVEN! The bread was toasted until it was crispy on the outside, but still soft in the inside. The bread was very soft and it was absorbed with honey. So once you put it in your mouth, you kind of feel like eating sweet and moist Kue Bolu/ sponge cake with some crispy texture on the skin. It is best if you take a slice of the bread with some vanilla ice cream together. My Oh My!


This one has the same toast like the first toast above. But, it was smeared with some ovomaltine chocolate and chunks of nuts at the top. Since this is really sweet and big in portion, I suggest you to share it with your friend. My friend didn't finish it alone.

It came with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream and some slices of banana. Everything was perfect, but I think it is slightly overpriced.

Overall, I love everything about the food. The main course selections are varies from Italian, Western and Japanese. You GOT TO try the desserts!

They are currently having a 20% off discount (for BCA card holders) for food only with minimum order of IDR 200.000 before tax and service. Or, you can choose the second option: buy 2 foods and get the third food for free (the lowest price).

Critic: I don't like how they charge the service tax and govt tax from the normal price (not the discounted price). So, there was a little bit of debate with the cashier when the food that supposed to be discounted, but the service charge and tax were counted from the normal price.

Slice of Heaven

Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall
West Mall, 5th Floor
Jakarta Pusat

(021) 2358 0329

INSTAGRAM : Sliceofheavenjkt


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