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Kamis, 06 Agustus 2015

LetterD. Cuisine & Bar - Ahmad Dahlan / Gandaria

I have been very excited to visit this restaurant ever since they started to open the door for the first time. The reason is no other than the restaurant is owned by a former Judge of Master Chef Indonesia season 1, Chef Degan Septoadji. Well honestly, I was not familiar with the Chef until I watched the show. I have always wanted to try a restaurant owned by celebrity chefs because you know, you are curious if they really have that skills to wow us as TV Audience.

Back to the restaurant, this is 'LetterD Cuisine and Bar'. Its so obvious that the D stands for Degan. I have been browsing through their instagram feeds and honestly I am drooled looking at the foods.

My first impression from the photos is immaculate: food is plated perfectly with the right combinations of ingredients and colors. And one thing that makes it unique is that they create such traditional cuisines into a whole new level. For instance, they have what they call 'Salmon Lodeh' : a combination of expensive Salmon with the extract of traditional Indonesian Lodeh Soup. You've never heard any kind of menu like this, right?

The interior, I can say was perfectly designed with wood as the main element. I always love wooden made furniture as it is classic and hommy but still looking luxurious. The restaurant consists of 2 floors, and each of them is very spacious like you can take more than 100 customers at a time.

So, before I write any further about the restaurant, you'll see some Birthday Surprise photos that we made for one lady who didn't realize that we brought her in this restaurant for her Belated Birthday Surprise.

All these beautiful flowers were made specially for our birthday lady. She loves this Peony flower in the middle :)

This is the menu paper. It is not like pages of menu book, but the menu varies from Italian Pasta & Pizza, Classic Western / Asian to Traditional Indonesian Cuisine with some fine dining twist :)

Main Courses are ranging from IDR 70.000 to IDR 280.000, but mostly around IDR 70.000s - 130.000s.

LA CITRO - IDR 35.000
LA CITRO is the combination of blended Mango on top and Blue Curacao Syrup at the bottom mixed with Sprite, and Lychee fruit on top of the glass. Its very refreshing especially with the gas from Sprite.

RUF & TUF - IDR 40.000
RUF & TUF is a combination of Kiwi, Cucumber, Apple, Guava, Cranberry, and Ginger Syrup. Basically, it tastes like the combination of literally every tropical fruits. It was really thick because it has a lot of fruits blended together without filtering the dregs (the fruits) from the juice. It is definitely very healthy, but if you are looking for some thirst quencher, I don't think this is the right one. I requested for ice cube to dilute the thickness of the juice (read: mengencerkan jus yang terlalu padet).

I'm not pretty sure if this one is Javas of The Sun, but from the presentation it contains Lychee, Cherry, Orange and Strawberry Syrup
Basically, its a Chicken Green Curry with Eggplant, Zucchini, Thai Basil, Chili simmered with Coconut Milk. At the first glance, you'll notice it to be a little bit small in portion, especially when you consider the price IDR 120.000 for a single pax. Because normally, Green Curry is shared for 2 - 3 persons for less than IDR 100.000.

But right after I tried it, I can say it was one of the best Green Curry I have ever tasted. I mean seriously the taste couldn't get any better than this. The soup was super thick like you don't drink the soup. But as it comes with a bowl of steamed rice, then you eat the rice with the curry soup together. It was not that much chicken in it, but they served you the best chicken they could cook. It was really moist and tender with the savory curry. There was some small green pea that tasted bitter but somehow it blended perfectly with the taste of the curry.

I very recommend the dish!

This one is the Signature dish 'Salmon Lodeh'. Whenever I hear the name, my mind will always think about the restaurant. Because you'll never find anything like this else where.

They say it is put in oven for 6 minutes, which still preserves the glossiness of the Salmon while cooked in the inside. They sprinkle some fried Tempe crumb on to the Salmon to bring some crunchy texture, while still serve you the fried Tempe. The soup was presented like a foam of Soap, not sure how it tastes because I was just taking picture of it :) 

TALAY PAO - IDR 140.000
It is Pan-seared Assorted Seafood, Garlic, Chili, Coriander, Fish Sauce, Lime, Asparagus, and Green Beans. Again, I was just taking picture of this :) But presentation wise, it looks really good.

Its a Chargrilled Beef Burger, Tomato, Gherkin, Cheese, Green Salad served with Shoe String Potato. Well no review for this as I only took photo of it :) But the size was huge.


First of all, I brought the idea of having the birthday surprise here. Not only because I have been wanting to visit this restaurant, but also me and the birthday lady have been discussing to visit Gandaria's area weeks before the surprise day and we wanted to look for some decent restaurants around there. And at that time, it came across in my mind this LetterD.

So, it took around 2 weeks to prepare everything from the starting plan, on how to persuade her to visit here, on which cake to buy and on how to prepare the decoration. Hours before we came to LetterD, we visited 1/15 Coffee in Gandaria at around 3 PM and we had an afternoon coffee for 2 hours. You know, it was getting boring after one hour and we didn't have anything to talk about. So, we all played our own gadget while waiting our friends preparing the decoration in the restaurant. Honestly, it was awkward for a moment!

It was around 5 PM when we decided to go to the restaurant. When she entered the door, she was kind of confused of what was happening with all those decorations, because she thought that she accidentally met our friends there. But the truth is, those guys came earlier to prepare everything there.

We all had a blast at that time and the service at the restaurant was great. The waiters were very friendly and they were very happy to assist us with the surprise. I mean, we asked them to dim the light when she was in the toilet, so that when she came out to the dining room, we could bring the birthday cake out with that dimmed light.

Overall, I love everything about this restaurant: the food, the service, and the ambience. The only problem when I consider to visit here again, is the overall slightly overpriced foods.

There are certain menus that I think can be cheaper a little bit considering the type of the food. For instant, the plain Aglio Olio IDR 80.000 or the Nasi Goreng Kambing IDR 90.000. But well, if you don't mind the price, I think It's a perfect restaurant for couples, friends, business, or even family.

LetterD Cuisine & Bar

Jl. Ahmad Dahlan no. 16,
Gandaria, Jakarta Selatan 12130

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu: 11 AM - 11 PM
Frid - Sat: 11 AM - 02 AM

(021) 7278.5111 / 0806.88608


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