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Rabu, 29 Juli 2015

MAMA GOOSE - Melawai

Back to another Food Review! I found this Mama Goose Restaurant when me and my family were on the street inside the car looking for some decent food around South Jakarta and this one came out.

At the first glance, the interior looks classic and old. It is definitely not a typical minimalist or glamour kind of restaurant that you found nowadays. For some people, the interior of a restaurant affects their mood. For me, minimalist makes me happy even before I try the food itself. But, Mama Goose makes it simple with some yellowish light (light bulb) effects, which produces warm ambience. At night, the room was a little bit dim.

Let's talk about the menu. They offer such variety of food from indonesian, japanese, italian, and western. The price range I can say is average, many of the main courses are ranging from IDR 50.000 - IDR 90.000. But for the steak menu, that can be more than IDR 100.000. I personally like the food choices.

GYU TAN DON (IDR 70.000)

As long as I remember, I only ate Gyu Tan (Tongue) for 2 times. And those 2 times didn't really impress me. However, this Gyu Tan Don by Mama Goose got the best taste so far! And I mean, it was really good.

It was thinly sliced to perfection with the sweet savory flavor. When you mix the rice with the Gyu Tan, the rice will blend together with the sweet sauce from the Gyu Tan. And they give such a big amount of Gyu Tan on the plate, so I'm really satisfied with the portion. If you like it spicy, you can add the sliced chili served as pickles.


Out of the three main courses that I ordered, this one has the perfect flavor for my taste. It is Grilled Chicken Breast (Boneless) with Potatoe Hashbrown, and vegie served with Creamy Mushroom and Cheese Sauce.

The key to this super delicious dish is the mushroom and cheese. It was a super thick sauce with cheesy flavour combined with the savory and tender chicken breast. The chicken texture was very tender similar to probably wagyu beef. The hashbrown was also delicious, it is the combination of Mashed Potatoe fried into Perkedel. So you can imagine how goooood it was.


Whenever I want to order for a pasta dish, my choices would be wither the Creamy one (Alfredo) or the Pesto one. The reason is simply because I can't make the sauce at home! I rarely order Aglio Olio or the Tomato based pasta because these 2 are the easiest to make with the simplest ingredients that you usually have at home.

This one is Pesto Farfalle. Basically, it is Pesto sauce in a Bow Tie shaped Pasta. Nothing fancy about the flavor, it was okay for me. The pesto was slightly too garlicy. If you know the process of making pesto, they blend Basil leaves, Raw Garlic, and Olive Oil with blender to make the green paste. For me, this pesto tasted too much raw garlic. Personally, I like fried garlic like in Aglio Olio, but if it is raw garlic, I prefer it to be not too overpowering. But again, it was that bad actually.


They have variety of coffee, juices, mocktails and alcoholic drinks. I tried this Common Sense mocktail. It is a combination of soda water with sliced lemon (and the extract), cucumber and lychee. It was really refreshing with the sour from lemon, and fresh from the cucumber. I really recommend this.

Overall, I super recommend the food here. None of the three menus are disappointing. and the price is still affordable. Definitely gonna come back for more food testing!

Mama Goose Restaurant

Common House, Level 2
Jl. Panglima Polim 9, No. 16,
Melawai, Jakarta Selatan
Sunday - Thursday: 11 AM - 11 PM
Friday - Saturday: 11 AM - 01 AM
(021) 722.9292

Price excludes service tax 5% and Govt Tax 10%


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