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Senin, 06 Juli 2015

WATT COFFEE - Senen Jakarta Pusat

Back to another coffee shop! This is Watt Coffee.

The name reminds me of Woot Coffee in Senopati Area. But this one has something to do with 'WATT'. Yes, it is lights! They put some light bulbs on the wall and some hanging on the top. Take a look at the decorations.

The room is not that spacious but also not that small, enough from 3 - 4 groups of people. The ambience of the room is quiet and silent, great for those who like to relax. But then if you talk a little bit loud, then everybody in the room can hear you. They also have some outdoor seatings for up to 3 tables.

Below is the menu lists. Currently they only have 2 main courses which are one pasta menu and one chicken menu. So, don't expect to have big meal here. They have a few coffee that you can try.

Red Velvet Latte
This one is their Red Velvet Latte. Its not that thick and the flavor was not so strong for my taste. 

Iced Capucinno - IDR 32.000+
This one is Iced Capucinno with Papua Coffee as they said. But probably, because I love a very strong coffee, this one tasted a little bit too soft for my taste. Again, coffee is a matter of each preferences. Some like it medium strong, but I like to very strong. The picture above is their serving size (almost half the glass).

Apple Crumble
This one is their Cheese Quiche. Actually, it was quite good. I mean you can clearly taste the cheese, but it was slightly dry inside. Could have been more moist for a perfect one (you know like Starbuck's quiche).

Apple Crumble
This one is their Apple Crumble. I guess I can crown this as Dessert of the night! it was the right Apple Crumble with the crunchiness on the top and sweet on the inside. But it was again slightly dry, because otherwise it was a perfect Apple Crumble.

There is not much I can tell from this place, because there was not food menu. The coffee was okay, certainly not my type. The cakes were delicious, great for sharing. I don't know about the pricing of each menu, because we didn't receive our receipt. But, for 2 cakes and 2 coffees, we paid around IDR 150.000. So, it wasn't that cheap, but well you can try it.


Jl. Kwitang Raya No. 14, Senen, Jakarta Pusat
Opening Hours: 08 AM - 08 PM
Ramadhan Hous: 08 AM - 09 PM



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