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Sabtu, 16 Januari 2016

PADMA RESORT UBUD - Desa Puhu, Payangan, Bali

The last time I traveled to Bali was on October 10th 2015 to attend my friend's wedding at The Mulia Resort, Nusa Dua. I came here not only for this, but actually also for my Honeymoon. I'm not really into spending a lot of bucks for a night of luxurious stay. For me, clean and comfortable are two main factors of choosing the right stay. And so far my best affordable Hotel in Bali is Best Western Premier Sunset Road. I mean for around IDR 550k - 650k, I get the best new clean room plus a complete buffet breakfast. The location is on the main street of Sunset Road and is very close to the airport. Its the last thing in my mind when deciding on where to stay in Bali.

On December 2015 (Just 2 months after my trip to Bali) I planned another trip for January 2016. Initially, I wanted to travel to Vietnam just because I got a friend who was working there. After deliberating for weeks with my wife, I decided to cancel it and changed my plan to Bali again. I forgot how I decided that way but I remember I received a soft opening promotion at Padma Resort Ubud. I had a great memorable experience at Padma Bandung and so I was thinking to try another Padma Hotel.

So I set up the whole trip, of course with the assistance of my wife, from the transportation, the stay and the lists of places to visit. We were in Bali for 5 days and 4 nights and so we were fixed on 1 night at Padma Ubud Resort and 3 nights at other Hotels.

Anyway, if you're reading this after 2019, we have revisited Padma Ubud dan summarized our one night stay here on our new Youtube Vlog below. Watch!

So, lets skip the 3 days and straight away to my stay in Padma Resort Ubud.

I didn't have enough time to capture the front gate as I was too late when arrived there. So, I parked my car, came to the lobby and checked in there. It was around 10 minutes later when the staff approached me and gave me a little surprise! It was my birthday that day and the staff brought me a little cute cake with 2 small candles. The wind blew quite strong and so they didn't light the candle. Just a quick pray for making a wish and its all done! Thanks all for the nice surprise.

I remembered it was almost 4 PM local time which was the latest time to have the Afternoon High Tea there. So, after checking in at the receptionist, I right away requested to have my Afternoon tea directly. The location is right in the middle of the whole Resort surrounded by trees and water with beautiful fishes.

The afternoon tea here was not a buffet one, instead its a high tea 3 level set consists of local or traditional cakes. I personally say its good but I was hoping that the location was on the rooftop facing the beautiful pool and jungle. Its gonna be perfect.

I entered the room and I was amazed like saying wow to myself so many times. It was really huge and spacious, probably the biggest room I have ever been. All of the room in Padma Resort Ubud is called Premier, because the size of the room is 59 M2 (meter square) which is doubled the size of a normal hotel room. But luckily since I came here during their soft opening, there were not many guests at that time and I got upgraded to Premier Club. It is the same size as the normal Premier but the view of the balcony is the Infinite Pool and The Hill (with forest). It was really a breathtaking moment when I stepped on the balcony. FYI, Padma Resort Ubud opened on October 2015.

I also received this welcome letter at the table right after entering the room. Its a really nice welcoming especially when they put my name on it and it was hand-signed personally by the General Manager. Thumbs up!

Prior to my arrival, I received email from the Hotel asking if I had any special event or request. I replied by saying that it was my birthday and my 4 month wedding anniversary. So I was quite surprised when they treated us and decorated the room as if we were having our honeymoon.

Look at those goose! Don't you think its so lovely with the red roses. Its my first time with it! Woohoo. They also asked us what type of pillow that we wanted. I never really thought about that, so my wife picked the Goose Feather Pillow. The room has a nice chair with legs extension (in the corner), a nice dining table, a wide screen LED, an opened space clothing closet and a super huge bath room.

The bath tube was the best part of the bath room. We enjoyed our soaking moment on the bath tube with the provided bath salt, aromatherapy oil, a fragrant candle and some red roses.

This is the clothing closet, its quite big.

The room has this complimentary set of tea, coffee, creamer and sugar. I love Lipton especially the Green Tea Jasmine because I personally have it at home. They serve Lipton too for Afternoon Tea and Breakfast. And these all are free of charge :) 

The balcony! Apologize for the selfiness :p

Lets talk about the pool! This is the longest infinite pool I've ever been to. Sure we have seen the longest one elsewhere but its nothing when we haven't tried it, right? I came here at around 5 PM and its started to pour a little rain for a few minutes. But its alright, the view was even amazing when  its raining like this. Its the only rain from my 5 days trip in Bali. Bali was really really hot even in the morning although its supposed to be rainy season. The heat wave was probably coming from Australia on this summer season.

The edge of the pool is curvy and overlooking the beautiful jungle and hill. You can actually walk down the path to the bottom but I didn't manage to finish my morning walk because it is too long. Staying at the edge of the pool for some times was quite relaxing and calming, especially when I closed my eyes. I could here the sound of the crickets and birds, very natural. The pool was around 1.5 meter deep and the temperature of the water was warm although the weather was cool there.

You can have a drink or meal on the side of the pool. They have a bar to serve you.

The night view from my balcony was amazing! They put a lot of lights under the pool just to dramatize the pool view from the top. The palm trees even look perfect here. I took this picture with a long exposure setting just to catch the natural light of the stars and the moon. If you look closely to the sky, you can see the stars.

The morning view in Padma Resort Ubud was really beautiful. I can see sunrise just from my balcony. But I decided to walk down the path between the dense trees just to experience the real morning in the jungle. Its quite cold actually but I wore minimal clothing :) They made the path so that we can do jogging along.

The morning view from the breakfast restaurant was too beautiful. You can see everything from the top while the sun shining.

I can not quite say its the most beautiful restaurant because as you can see below, the interior was simple, classic, traditional but not so elegant for me. It wasn't bad too but it just didn't surprise me like wow. Breakfast is one of the most awaited part of my trip in any hotels that I stay. You can sit inside or outside semi-outdoor with direct view of the jungle and the pool. But the morning sun was quite heating, so I sat inside just to avoid direct sun light.

At the time of our stay (13 January 2016), the room occupancy was still very low like 20% if I was not mistaken. And the staff told us that if the total guests were below 50 persons, then the breakfast type would be a Set kind of breakfast. So you have to pick between American Breakfast, Indonesia, Japanese or Healthy Breakfast. American breakfast is a typical western breakfast with sausage, eggs, toast, fruits, etc. Indonesian breakfast is a fried rice or fried noodle kind of breakfast. Healthy breakfast is a mix of fruits and healthy cereals like oats or granola. I picked the Japanese breakfast because it was kind of unique.

It looks like a rice set of Salmon with rolled eggs, spinach, agedashi tofu, soup and pickles. I was quite satisfied with the taste. But definitely still disappointed that I couldn't have the full buffet just like any other breakfast. But I can understand about their less than 50 guests policy. Nevertheless, you still can order anything you want to eat out of the set breakfast, at least that's what Miss Deasy (Assistance Front Office Manager) told me during my check out time. Its a bit too late though, should have been telling us during our breakfast.

The beverages were standard breakfast beverages like coffee (I ordered Capucinno), Tea (by Lipton), Juices and Mineral Water. Its pretty good :)

It was my birthday on 12 January 2016, So I brought my little bear that my wife gave me 2 years ago. That blue shirt matches with the bear's shirt :)


Banjar Carik, Desa Puhu, Payangan
Gianyar, Bali 80572

Soft Opening Rate with BCA Credit Card: IDR 1.740.000 nett
Promotion valid until end of March 2015

Transaction through

Package includes:
- Buffet Breakfast (Or Set Breakfast)
- Welcome Drink
- Assorted Fruits on the room
- Afternoon High Tea (Latest at 4 PM)
- Various Activities every day
- Late Check Out 14:00 PM




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