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Senin, 25 Januari 2016


[SHORT REVIEW] Visited Elang Laut Pantai Indah Kapuk like twice a month just because a number of new restaurants opened up in this location. It wasn't like a big surprise as the main Pantai Indah Kapuk itself has been so overloaded by tons of restaurants. And then came this new comer 'SHIRAKU SOBA' just next to Farmers Coffee Shop or the same location as Meater Steak.

When I heard Soba, my mind was directly remembering Yamatoten Abura Soba in PIK and Grand Indonesia. For certain reasons I didn't know if I was so hungry or it was the long waiting time, but Abura Soba was one of the best dry Soba I've ever tasted. And I tried it only once in Grand Indonesia.

So, when I came to Shiraku Soba, I expected something amazing or at least on par with that Abura Soba. This Shiraku Soba looks really beautiful like really appetizing. And that made me even more excited.

BUTA TAN TAN - IDR 55.800++

Below is Buta Tan Tan or Pork Belly Soba with soft boiled egg. First thing first, before adding any additional toppings, I tried the soba just to know the original flavor. Well, in my opinion, the soba was slightly plain. So, I decided to add a lot of chili oil and mixed it all together. The pork belly was quite big and satisfying. The boiled egg was really cold, probably because after being boiled, they put the egg on iced water. I prefer it to be warm when served.


This is basically the same soba with crispy pork katsu and curry sauce. I quite liked this one rather than the Buta Tan Tan. The curry sauce mixed and tasted perfectly with the soba but I also put a lot of chili oil together to bring more spiciness and thickness. This one is recommended!


This is a healthy dessert if I can say! The bowl consists of a lot of round shaped fruits (watermelon and honeydew I think) with some shaved ice, Chewy Mochi, almond and topped with Matcha Ice Cream. The ice cream was really good like you can taste the real flavor of matcha. Don't forget to pour some sweet condensed milk for a richer flavor. Overall, this is a really good dessert!


Also, don't forget to try this Cherry Bloosom Tea, a very thick tea kind of green tea. Served in a tea pot and refillable once. They put real tea leaves in the pot so you can taste the authentic pure tea. They also sell the tea leaves in a special box package (for 6 times serving I guess). You can have a look and smell the sample tea leaves.


Japanese Soba Noodle and Tea House

Ruko Elang Laut, Blok D No. No.39,

PIK, Jakarta Utara

021.22512189 / 29866563

Open daily 10 AM - 10 PM




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