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Selasa, 04 September 2018

Laughing Cow Beer Bar ~ The Best Herbal Soup Shabu-Shabu in Town

Another New Shabu Shabu House in town from the same group of Eight Treasures, introducing Laughing Cow Beer Bar at Citywalk Ground Floor. They are currently having opening promo 30% off only until 5 September 2018, So if you're reading this before 6 Sept you better go and try it right now! Current Shabu Shabu trend is dominated by Sechuan Mala style with its spicy mala pepper soup. Laughing Cow doesn't seem to follow the same trend as they are more into their signature herbal soup, though they do have their own Mala Soup. As this is a very short review, we'll make it quick about why or why not you should visit this restaurant. Let's check it out!
First of all, laughing Cow is not a buffet restaurant FYI. You have to pick one soup (48k) and your choice of ala carte meat. Their boiling pan is actually a mini individual pan with only 1 soup of your choice. So if you want to try two kinds of soup, then you have to pick (pay) two separate pans of soup. Their soup is not refillable, so you have to order another new soup if you want to have more soup. 
Their signature soup is the herbal soup, we know this is somehow not convincing enough for new customers to try. But trust us, their herbal soup was super flavorful, you don't imagine herbal soup as in a Chinese herbal medicine soup because it didn't taste literally herbal. What we can describe from our tasting is more into sweet and savory, slightly salty, and a little hint of aromatic herbal. Its getting tastier and thicker when you boil more and more meat into the soup. Well they actually have some more options for the soup, you might probably want to try their Mala Soup but it is not their recommendation. At least what we heard from the insiders that they are not confident enough with their other soups, except for the herbal one.
We're not gonna discuss about the meat, because we think the better the quality of the beef, the better the texture of the meat. If you pick the cheaper one, then you'll get the more fat one. If you pick the more expensive one, then you'll get the better marbling beef. But their signature beef here is their Hanging Wagyu, you'll never go wrong with this one. We mean look at the perfect marbling, its just so tender. What we didn't really like from our dining is the fishballs. It was somehow too soft, it didn't quite taste a quality meatballs probably lacking some fish mixture. 1 portion consists of 6 fishballs.
They also offer optional  dipping sauce: soy sauce and ponzu sauce, alongside some minced garlic and chilli. But we personally love their original meat with the soup, probably with a little bit of ponzu sauce for a hint of sour flavor.
If you come here not for the soup, then there are two choices that we really recommend: Wagyu Sandwich and Tomahawk. The wagyu sandwich was super thick and medium cooked with that smoky smell and crisp sandwich. While the Tomahawk was a foodporn, it looks really good and you can really smell that perfect smokey meat. It was very juicy with pinkish medium cooked meat. It comes with blackpepper sauce which is great if you think the meat is slightly bland. But most people love the meat as it is.
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Citywalk Sudirman Ground Floor, Central Jakarta

Average Spending for two: IDR 300.000 - 400.000

RSVP: 021-25558613




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