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Kamis, 24 Maret 2016

EXQUISE PATISSERIE - Rumah Cokro, Menteng

Just came back a few days ago from my 10 day long winter vacation in China and finally decided to make a short review of this comfy coffee and bakery house; Exquise Patisserie. Actually, I visited here on March 9th 2016 afternoon, the day when I had my midnight flight to China.

This place has a magnet to attract people to come again and again, and it was my 2nd time here. I love the petite room, I love the interior theme, and its so Instagenic: very good for Instagram post :) The outdoor area is also very green and soothing especially in the afternoon.

I never skipped their coffee, specifically their hot Capucinno. Its actually not a fancy coffee but somehow whenever I have it here, its just giving me a different feeling. I love wooden table like below, its very nice to my eyes like this is the right place to drink coffee. Anyway, they are collaborating with @brewphobiacoffee for all their coffee and its pretty good actually. And the iced caramel latte on the back is my new favorite coffee there.

BOURBON - IDR 35.000

This is their latest cake creation: Bourbon. Its a chocolate sponge cake with rum chocolate ganache. It looks really chocolate, but it actually tastes lighter than the look. So, its not very sweet yet still enjoyable. The texture was pretty dense, it was like a soft brownie's texture.


If you're not a fan of super sweet dessert, you might want to try their Tiramisu. The flavor and the texture were both very light for me. If you just spooned your mouth with the other cakes, then the Tiramisu would be kinda plain.

HELENA - IDR 48.000

This is Helena, their best selling and most favorite cake there. I've tried their Peach Helena in the past and this time I tried their Raspberry Helena. It is a Valrhona Guanaja Mousse with coconut biscuits, raspberry gelee, Pailletine Feuilletin and Nutella. I know it sounds so complicated but its just melting in your mouth so smoothly.  I can say its a kinda like Cream Cake which is cake consists of layers of cream. Because its very creamy and you can see the layer on my second picture below. The ball on the top is a chocolate.


Rumah Cokro No. 42A,
Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto, Menteng

Mon - Sun : 9 AM - 9 PM

(Public Holiday closes)

Call: +6221-3161413



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