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Senin, 28 Maret 2016

MARTRUCKBUCKS NEW MENU - Sunter, Jakarta Utara

This is my second blog post for Mar-Truck-Bucks after my first one in December 2015. Click HERE if you would like to read the first one. I was really excited when I got the chance to try their latest Martabak creations. Without further a due, let me show you what they got!


This is actually the upcoming Martabak Manis for next month April 2016. The name Blackforest reminds me of blackforest cake which I refer to as a big round chocolate cake with lots of chocolate sprinkles and thin slices of chocolate bar. But this one is a martabak manis with some essense of blackforest, Hersey's Cookies & Cream and grated cheese. The blackforest contains rhum, so it gives  a unique taste and smell at the first bite :D

What I also like about their Martabak is that it is not as oily / creamy as any other Martabaks. Some may find this to be not as good as others', but I certainly prefer martabak like this


This is by far the most unique Martabak I've ever seen! I haven't had Martabak Telor for many years now which I also already forgot when the last time I had it. I've tried too many Martabak franchises for a while now, so this one is like breathing on a fresh air :p Crispy Martabak Skin with Chopped Beef Rendang in the inside and Melted Mozarella Cheese on top. You can taste savory, salty, and cheesy all at once. Really recommended!

Oh btw, if you wanted to opt out the mozarella, then you only need to pay IDR 40.000! Its not that bad right!


This is their best selling existing Martabak. Martabak Pandan with bunch of cheese! They clearly use real Pandan to bring out the authentic pandan flavor without adding artificial green color. And as I said earlier, their sweet Martabak is not overly oily, so you can have more without being 'Eneg' lol. I do like this very much and this never disappoints me.

They are currently planning to upgrade their store for a better dining experience. Can't wait to visit again next time.


Martabak Kekinian Gak Perlu Mahal!

Jl. Taman Sunter Indah Blok HJ II No. 26, 
Jakarta Utara 14350

Phone: 0878-8136-0200




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