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Senin, 04 April 2016

NOODLE KING - Pantai Indah Kapuk

[RESTAURANT REVIEW] Finally! There's a real competitor of the famous Legend of Noodle in PIK. Introducing NOODLE KING! A Korean restaurant offering some spicy Korean noodle as their main selling menus, alongside some famous Korean dishes. The outlet was kinda small from the outside, while actually it is quite spacious inside. The location is just next to Shirokuma in Rukan Crown Golf, so you must be very familiar with the location.

We got the chance to try it on April 3rd 2016, Sunday afternoon with some fellow foodies. We had so so sooo much fun that day, especially knowing that 2 foodies who shared the same table with us were from JKTGO! Its not really about the JKTGO lol, but coincidentally one of them was an alumni from Macquarie University in Sydney, Yeay! lol sorry for being #unimportant but we as ex-sydneysiders were excited when knowing somebody came from the same college background :p OK, lets Move on.


Steamed meat-filled dumplings. Its like a suikiaw in a different name. It looks semi-transparent with green veggie looked very clear from the outside. It was meaty but still soft, pretty similar to typical meat dumplings.


This is a melting cheese on a spicy & sweet grilled chicken, a typical famous korean food. We haven't tried many of this in Jakarta, but we remember our first time trying this at Arasseo in Senopati and it was really really good that time! we can't quite compare both of them, because this one (from Noodle King) was already a little chilled when we had it, you know we took photo quite long. But, it was still good and nice to try.


Not sure if this was the right name because we were kinda like mixed with the other menus. But as long as we remember, it was a deep fried pork cutlet served with special thick sauce (like mixed sweet and salty) and salad. If we are not mistaken, you can request chicken for halal option.


Deep fried shrimp served with mayonnaise. I guess the short description explains everything. I didn't try it though, this was from the other table :p 


Rice balls with seaweed and ikan teri, lol. Didn't try this as well, sorry.


Steamed noodle with sweet flavored black been paste. Who doesn't know this? I bet if you love Korean food, you must have tried this. Again, people will compare this with the one from Legend of Noodle, they pretty have the same look, flavor and portion. So, you tell me whats the difference :)


Beef and chicken soup noodle with fresh vegetables. This is my new favorite Korean noodle! Clearly this is new to me (for Korean food). The broth was thick, spicy, a little sweet and savory with some squids, clams and a huge chicken thigh. I personally prefer this one compared to the seafood one, but it is back to your preference. Both were great and huge in portion! Sharable up to 3 persons.


Spicy Seafood noodle with fresh vegetables. This is their main selling & best seller menu. A super huge bowl of spicy noodle (sorry if the pictures below were not looking big, while it was actually gigantic). They put so generous amount of seafood and the owner which is Koreans also told us that there are only 2 restaurants in Jakarta serving this menu: Legend of Noodle and Noodle King. Both are in PIK as well, so its a battle between the two. But honestly, this was really good if you liked seafood and spicy. They put so much shells, clams, mini octopus, prawn, and mini crab.

I found the clams to be sandy a little inside, so I kinda biting some rock or sands. lol. The noodle was very thick and slightly firm, but it wasn't bad at all.

Two of the drinks that we tried. We honestly forgot whats the name of them, but the first one must be Kiwi with milk and vanilla ice cream blended all together. While the second one was something with strawberry and orange syrup. Both were very refreshing, price ranges between IDR 20k - 30k

Well, we made this post super late night at the same day when we visited this restaurant. So, not much that we can share but hopefully still informative. Overall, each portion was very big and good to share for 2-3 people. Lunch time gonna be crowded, so make sure to come earlier at 11:00 AM :) Enjoy


Rukan Crown Golf Blok A no. 31

Mon - Fri 11:00 - 21:30
Sat - Sun 11:00 - 22.30





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