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Selasa, 19 April 2016

GYU KAKU JAPANESE BBQ - Citywalk Sudirman

It was Sunday night, April 17th 2016 when we had no idea on where to have dinner. We were like having a tough discussion over a Mama Goose in Panglima Polim (for the best Gyu Tan Don, IMO) or Negiya Donburi in Citywalk (for another famous Gyu Tan Don as well). But, I remembered the last time when I visited Citywalk, I saw a few authentic Japanese restaurants there. And, we both rarely like almost never visited a Japanese restaurant with Sushi as their main menu. So, we said lets go and have a look there!

Just when we arrived there on the second floor, there were like 5 - 6 Japanese restaurants from Ramen, Sushi, Donburi, to Barbeque house. We browsed one by one restaurant on the internet (mainly from Zomato) to check the rating, the menu and the pricing. Its pretty difficult because mostly they are very authentic Japanese Restaurants. But our choice was finally at Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ Resto! I actually saw some review from some food-bloggers who got invited for Gyu Kaku Prime in Pacific Place, but this one in Citywalk is kinda different but still under the same Gyu Kaku brand.

So we decided to come in and had dinner there. They have two All You Can Eat options: the basic and the premium one. The basic is IDR 229.000++ while the premium is IDR 398.000++. The difference is simply the type of menu that you will get. But since we were not good at buffet, we tried the ala carte menu instead. Their pricing was actually quite reasonable like almost all meat under IDR 100.000 (well, there are some above 100k as well)

BEEF TOUNGE - IDR 58.000++

I was not a beef tounge eater until I fell in love in Gyu Tan Don in Mama Goose restaurant. Since then, I tried alot of Gyu Tan in many restaurants. This one is also very recommended! Its not totally about the quality of the tounge, but its their marinate (black) sauces that make it a really good dish! One is spicy sauce and another one is salty sayce. So, we dipped the tongue first, and then grill it. We were like saying WOW when we ate that for the first time. The taste like amazingly good! although it is thin and small, but its really worth it. A plate like this weighs 80 grams if I'm not mistaken. You can also pinch some lemon for a different flavor (after grilling)


While having the beef tongue above, we felt like lacking of something to eat together. Koreans normally have some lettuce to wrap the grilled meat, but since we didn't order any veggie, we decided to order some Bibimbap. Its a little confusing when their restaurant is actuallu Japanese, while the menus themselves are mostly Korean?

This Bibimbap was REALLY GOOD! Damn. Its a small bowl of rice with assorted veggies, some brown thingy (like I wasn't sure what was that) and a half cooked egg yolk on top. They also provided two separated special soy sauce and a thick black paste. These two are supposted to be mixed together with the Bibimbap. The result? SPECTACULARLY delicious. No meat whatsoever inside but the flavor was really strong and perfect if combined with the beef tongue.


KARUBI or in english means Special Boneless Beef Short Rib, is just like any other meat. They also have the thicker version of this meat, but we picked the signature/ best seller one. It was just the same phenomenal as the beef tongue (with the marinate sauce of course). We sometimes were too excited with taking photos and forgot that its on the grill. Some were like burnt, but well, its still GOOD! LOL. They also have the cheapest Karubi like below 50k but its more fatty.


Since we didn't order any carbohydrate menus (besides the Bibimbap), we tried this Spicy seafood soup with Prawns (2 pcs), Soft Tofu, Mini Scallops, Squid (maybe) and chinese cabbage. The soup was super flavorful and its actually perfect with steamed rice. This soup is great of 2 people.


After having all those menus above, we were like so possessed with the meat. So, without further thinking, we ordered our last Karubi. This one has more fat layer than the previous one. They also gave us the Butter, Garlic & Cheese on a small iron pot. At first we were like what is this? And we asked the server how to serve this, then they told us to put the pot onto the grill. So, its gonna melt all togther, then we just simply dip the karubi meat into the pot to marinate the meat with the butter garlic and cheese.

Honestly, the flavor was not quite there as expected. We expected the butter and cheese to be salty, and garlic to be garlicky. But somehow those ingredients didn't quite blend together. We kinda like eating plain meat, so we dicided to dip the cooked karubi into the first spicy and salty soy sauce. AND IT WORKS! So, the great thing about this meat is on the sauce! And its free on the table.

[SUMMARY] This is certainly a really recommended Japanese BBQ Restaurant in town. And in fact, it is one of the best that we have tried so far. The pricing is pretty affordable, not that high yet still delivering the best quality food as expected in a Japanese Standard. We love the services and the hospitality. We love the quick delivery of the food.

And FYI, we didn't get paid for this positive feedback, 100% TRUE review. All of those menus above costs IDR 370.555 Nett (Included bottomless Iced Lemon Tea and Hot Ocha). Definitely will try it again next time :D 


Gyu Kaku Citywalk 1st Floor, Sudirman
Call: 021.29704059

Average Spent for 2: IDR 350.000 - 500.000




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