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Rabu, 13 April 2016

CHICKEN PAIKUT - Kelapa Gading

[RESTAURANT REVIEW] Ever seen a local fast food chain? Then let us introduce you, this is CHICKEN PAIKUT! A fast food restaurant in Kelapa Gading (Gading Hybrida), just next to Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum or Ncek Legenda Noodle. You might have known them from bazaar to bazaar as they are very popular in this segment, especially teenagers! They love this kind of food :D The main product is basically fried chicken or the cool word is Kaarage :p

We had a chance to visit their first physical outlet on Sunday, 10 April 2016. Its a typical petite restaurant around the area with a humble interior, no fancy decoration whatsoever because its simply a fast food restaurant. The main menus are basically chicken with rice or noodle.

At first we wonder why they named it Chicken Paikut because the term Paikut in Chinese always refers to Pork Ribs. But they wanted to grab a wider customer segment/ market, that's why they decided to use Chicken and named it Chicken Paikut.


As you can see below the main menus are basically their original fried chicken with some varieties of meal packet. You can choose which chicken do you want and then your drinks. They have Iced Milo, Iced Lemon Tea, Bottled Tea, and Mineral Water. And these all are pretty cheap actually, starting from 23k to 40k only! That's (the price) even below the standard fast food chain in Jakarta.

Below is their signature chicken & rice packet. Some chopped fried chicken with veggie (for salad), steamed rice, the burning sauce (spicy mayo) and your choice of beverages. The spicy mayo was in fact really really good, very strong in flavor and spicy. They also have the Cheese Garlic Mayo sauce, its the garlic version of the sauce. If you don't prefer spicy thing, they you can choose this one. Although the chicken itself has been marinated with their secret recipes, the mayo sauce will add up more flavor to the chicken. FYI, they also provide you with free mayonnaise on the table for your salad.


The good news is ... they have the frozen one at their Kelapa Gading store! This is their frozen chicken paikut's packaging. Its a typical frozen food you normally see in the supermarket. They guarantee that their product is free of Pork and Lard. So you can fry your own Chicken Paikut anytime at home. Since we love cooking at home, we can fry it ourself and add our personal's favorite chili sauce or mayonnaise at home.

You can order or ask about the pricing directly to their contact number below:
- LINE: chickenpaikut
- Whatsapp: +62819.0885.5008

Ps: The delivery number below has changed to 021-2224.51366, as what we saw from their Instagram annoucement :)


Kelapa Hybrida Raya QK1/11, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

Delivery: 021-2224.51366

Other Outlet:
- Mall Ciputra
- Supermall Karawaci
- Fakultas Ekonomi UNTAR




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