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Rabu, 06 April 2016

TRATTORIA - Lippo Mall Puri

Finally came back to my favorite Italian restaurant in town! Trattoria Cucina Italiana has established its business in Jakarta for many years, in Kuningan FYI. And since then, they opened up their new branch in Lippo Mall Puri GF, just next to Fctry Bistro or Papajo Eatery.

Just as we entered the room, we were welcomed by the simple and classic interior, very homie especially with the parquet (wooden floor). We could imagine sitting there and relaxing for a long time while enjoying our meal. As a fan of Western and Italian restaurant, we found that their menus are very authentic and in fact we didn't quite understand the name because everything is in Italian :p but they still have the menu description under the name.

Its a little bit sensitive if we talk about the competitors, but we've heard about how Trattoria established their business in 2002. We found quite a very similar menu concept with Peppenero in Jakarta, but its not us to judge on what happened in the past. Because we believe that every business deserves a place and a chance to grow. Lets have a look at their interior.


This is the latest mocktail creation by Trattoria and even still not available on the menu. Basically its a blended dragon fruit with Sweet and Sour (not sure what it means), but those combination produces sweet and very refreshing drink. We can say its a kind of frozen smoothie because a few times when we sucked it from the straw, we got a frozen brain you know its kinda pain. But totally a great drink for a hot humid day. The top round of the glass has that hard rock caramel so if you drink it from the glass, you can taste the sweet caramel.


Strawberry, Milk, Vanilla Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream blended all together into a creamy Strawberry milkshake. It was so thick and full of ingredients, very fresh!


Just like any other (most) Italian restaurants, Trattoria offers you a simple starter with these small breads. We prefer it with butter or Pesto Olive Oil actually, but since they didn't have it then we could enjoy it with salt and simple olive oil (in a bottle) provided on the table.


Homemade Ravioli filled with Italian Sausage and served with mushroom, cherry tomato and Truffle oil. Basically its a 3 piece Ravioli with a bunch of toppings as you can see. We could taste a little tiny bit of sour (we might also be wrong) and the flavor was actually slightly plain. But that's not really a negative thing to say because we prefer a food to have less salt then to be very salty, because you can still put additional salt to a less salty food. But flavor wise, its really good and the mushroom was overpowering the overall flavor.


This is a 3 different kinds of pizza: Capricciosa, Bianca and Calzone. Capricciosa is the colorful one with smoked beef, peppers, mushroom in a tomato based sauce. Bianca is the one with bunch of fresh leaves on top with smoked beef underneath it. Calzone is a puff pastry pizza filled with smoked beef and mushroom. Out of the three, I prefer Bianca because its salty, the rests were okay but a little salt would be perfect.

This is US! LoL


Lippo Mall Puri GF Unit G99

(021)29111312 / 29111313

Whatsapp: 081288711418
Line: @qfn7431l




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