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Senin, 23 Mei 2016


So first of all, congratulation for the opening of the Pork Theme Restaurant in PIK, a franchise originally from Kuala Lumpur. We were invited for a private food tasting on Saturday 21 May 2016. It was located right next to the most talked about Hello Kitty Cafe and Tsubohachi. Our first impression of the restaurant was super hot, the aircon didn't work by the time we came there. So, I was really sweating my whole shirt like after working out intensely :p There wasn't that many seats and tables, so we sat on a single chair (like on a bar) near the entrance door facing the big glass. You could imagine the heat from the sun facing directly towards us.

Regardless the technical issue, I have a few points to review about the food there. First of all, the service was quite slow. We waited quite some times from one menu to the next menu. And we were super hungry because it was around 13:40 and we hadn't had our lunch yet. But the owner was really kind to us and we really appreciated the warm welcome.

The first menu arrived on the table was the roasted pork belly with spicy garlic chili. Ok, I'm trying to be very honest about this one. If you take a look on the texture of the pork belly, it was very crispy which sounds great. But unfortunately that was really dry and rocky tough! I suspected that they cut it into small chunks first and then probably fried it so that all the sides of each chunk were evenly dry. We both had a hard time *literally* chewed it. So sorry to say this :( Then the chili was enough spicy but too garlicky with a hint of sour. I personally love garlic though.

The thing about this menu that confused us is the fact that we saw a similar menu from other bloggers but the texture of the pork belly was very moist in the middle and crispy on the top (the skin). Not sure how that happened to us but we did tell the owner about this.

This one is a different story! Pork Charsiu with sweet secret sauce and chili sauce. The Charsiu texture was much better than the first menu. Still tender and moist with a honey kind of sauce. The chili was also better, not garlicky and not sour, just perfect spiciness. We could imagine having this with steamed rice.

Chilled a little bit with this blue syrup iced water with soda. Very refreshing especially after 'Sun-bathing' near the super hot window


Don't ever try to mess with this burger, its gonna get messy! The name comes from the poached egg with hollandaise sauce on top which will burst the egg yolk when sliced. Ours was slightly tiny bit overcooked, thus the yellow yolk didn't spill out as much as expected. But, this burger was DAMN GOOD! I really have to admit that, despite the disappointment of the Pork Belly. 

The pork patty was super thick with melted cheddar on top, plus some crispy pork bacon and spicy mayo. I really recommend this Burger! Oh ya, it also comes with a small portion of coleslaw and some French fries.

Aglio Olio with pork bacon. It wasn't the best one nor the worst one. But it certainly lacked of herbs and a small pinch of salt, probably? I always love Aglio Olio and I expected more from this simplest pasta. Also, a little bit of Olive Oil would be better because this one was too clean :) But considering the low price, you might want to try this.

[SUMMARY] I expected so much more from this place, considering the awards that they received in Malaysia. I have to admit that the burger was the BOMB! But other than that, it was just like any typical western food. Both of us were actually expecting to try the pork ribs and 'Godzilla' burger (the burger with tall stacks of patties and stuffs). Hopefully, they could improve more for the overall taste of the food.


Ruko Crown Golf Blok D no. 28, PIK
(Next to Tsubohachi)

Price for two: IDR 150.000 - 200.000




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