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Rabu, 23 Mei 2018

The Common ~ Kota Kasablanka

Another new spot in town, this time introducing THE COMMON! The name sounds like a coffee shop which we can't say its a yes or a no. Because actually there's a specialty coffee in it. The Common is actually the joint of 5 different brands at one spot: Pokinometry, Yoisho Ramen, Sucre Pattisier, Chlouthe Life, and Kopi Kenangan. When you're going to Kota Kasablanka and you're wondering what to eat, then this place should be your one stop restaurant. From healthy food, nice pastries, sweettooth desserts, delicious ramen, to favorite Kopi Susu. Well, we will discuss everything about it in this blog. Check it out!
Shall we start from Pokinometry? Yes please, this is their third location besides their existing ones at PIK Avenue and Gandaria City. Well as you can see, this is a healthy Poke Bowl. Without any doubt, it's fresh, its even bigger than most poke bowl portion, and its very healthy. Jeffri is not a raw fish eater, but when it comes to poke bowl, he does love it! Well probably because the poke bowl comes with two very nice dressings, so you can't really smell the raw fish
One of our favorite food: Ramen! Luckily there's Yoisho Ramen from Senopati that we tried a few months ago. Yoisho is actually a local ramen restaurant, but the overall ramen flavor is undoubtedly very authentic. We have covered a full review of Yoisho Ramen at Senopati outlet on the blog. You can read it by clicking HERE
Third one is Kopi Kenangan, inspired by the owner's ex girlfriend *maybe*. Their original Kopi Kenangan Mantan is really good, we love the thickness of the coffee and the perfect sweetness of the condensed milk (well actually we're not sure if they're using condensed milk or milk with sugar liquid). They have original or less sweet ones, but some of our friends recommended the less sweet one. But the original one is perfect for us.
Don't miss their Ramadhan Promo Buy 3 for only IDR 49.000 (normal IDR 54.000)
A cup of coffee is perfectly paired with some bread, pastry, cookie or whatever similar. That's why we introduce you to Chloute: Croissant specialist. They have been running all this time via online and they do supply their products to third parties. So now its their time to shine, its their first offline outlet at The Common. Besides croissant, they are also famous for their artisan cakes. Do check out their Instagram account @chloutelife for more of their beautiful creations.
You can pick the pastries and cakes from here.
Last but not the least: Sucre Patissier! The name already explains, they are popular for assorted fancy cookies, brownies, doughnuts, cakes, and many more. Can't describe one by one, but you can pretty much see their beautiful creations at Instagram @sucrepatissier. One thing that we really love the most is their cookies. Its not a typical flat  round cookie, it is thick yet very smooth, with that generous amount of great filling. We tried the ovomaltine cookies (if we're not mistaken) and it was by far the best cookie ever! No kidding, visit The Common and try it yourself. 
Just in case you wanna know what are (on the picture) below: 
Vanilla regal banana pudding // Chocolate banana pudding // Tresleches with greentea topping  // Tresleches with nutella topping  // Treslches vanilla  // Red velvet cream cheese cookies // Oreo white choco cookies // Double dark chico cookies // Brownies original  // Brownies ovomaltine  // Vanilla cream doughnut  // Nutella doughnut  // Cookie butter chocolate chip cookies // Smores cookies
Thank you for reading! Make sure to visit The Common during Ramadhan because they are having special opening. promo


Kota Kasablanka, Food Society Ground Floor, South Jakarta

Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00




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