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Minggu, 07 Oktober 2018

Hokkaido Izakaya ~ Authentic Hokkaido Cuisines in Jakarta

Little did we know that Hokkaido Izakaya is an international franchised Japanese Restaurant from its original country Japan. As its name says, they are bringing Hokkaido vibe into the restaurant with all those Japanese hospitality on their services. Upon entering the restaurant, we could feel the true Japanese atmosphere and ambiance, especially with the presence of many Japanese customers. The interior and the architecture truly resemble what most Hokkaido restaurants offer. We tasted quite a lot of different kinds of food here and we are excited to share it with you guys. So, read more!
Hokkaido Izakaya is located at Pavilion Retail Arcade, next to Tucanos Brazilian Restauran or KLTR Coffee at Tanah Abang (Sudirman).
As it was quite packed during weekdays dinner time, we unfortunately couldn't capture every corner of the room simply because we respected the customers. It's not the most spacious Japanese Restaurant, but the ambiance here is definitely so homey and relaxing.
Open Kitchen
The cleanliness of the kitchen is very prioritized, at least that's how Japanese are taught to.
We're going to start with the least heavy one ~ Hokkaido Fresh Uni Soba (298k). This is pretty obvious, cold soba with salty soya based dipping soup plus imported Hokkaido fresh sea urchin or Uni (separated). This is definitely not everybody's kind of soba because it is served cold, while the soup itself was pretty light, the smooth uni was sweet, fresh, creamy and definitely not fishy at all
Let's move on to their signature shabu shabu ~ Hokkaido A5 Wagyu Shabu Shabu (Small/398k). This is very unique, they serve the shabu soup on a thick paper bowl over a small fire to boil the soup. The A5 wagyu was very tender, the soup was pretty light and slightly bland for our liking, however the star is actually the separate peanut sauce! Once you boil your meat, you can dip it to this peanut sauce for a more bold flavor (because as we've said earlier the soup was very light). The peanut sauce was surprisingly spicy from the mix of some chili oil. The dish comes with variety of vegetables.
Look at the marbling!
Another option for warm soup menu is Salmon Milk Miso Nabe (98k) ~ A similar serving with the previous shabu shabu except for the unique creamy and milky soup, served with salmon and variety of vegetable. This is a great option if you don't eat red meat. Flavor wise, the soup was pretty light, not too sweet, not too savory.
When you are talking about Hokkaido Izakaya, this dish should definitely not be missed! Meat Mountain Spicy Hotpot (Small/198k) ~ Piles of thin sliced fatty beef on top of mountain of vegetables with sweet and savory soup on the bottom of the hot pot. 
It was certainly surprising as we didn't realize there were something covered by the meat: veggies! So, the waiter helped us stirring everything on the hot pot and that's when we started to see the whole thing. They also served us raw egg which we could decide to mix it altogether with the hotpot or to let it as a dipping egg to our boiled beef. Yes, you boil the beef then dip it to the egg. Frankly speaking, this is not our culture because we mostly cook the egg on the boiling soup. However if you do it Hokkaido way (dip the meat to the raw egg), then the meat is going to be slimy.
Regardless the raw egg, we truly loved the combination of tender fatty beef with the sweet and savory soup. Add some chili powder or chili oil if you prefer more spicy flavor, because the original one was not spicy (despite being called Spicy Hotpot).
This is how it looks when it's mixed up
Here comes the KING of the night ~ T-Bone Steak! This is a special dish not on the menu, but definitely worth to try! We've tried T-Bone quite a few times in a few different restaurants, but trust us this is one of the best! Though it wasn't cooked medium like very pinkish in the middle (as in most Steak House), the meat was perfectly tender and juicy. Visually it looks slightly dry, but when it came to our mouth we were just blown away! The smokiness, the tenderness, and the sweet and sour gravy sauce that comes with the steak truly altogether giving us a mouthgasm experience. Some part of the meat was fatty, but some people do enjoy meat fat as it is very smooth :)
Aside of all those recommended main courses, you can have additional side dishes such as:
  • Hotate Gratin/ Scallop Gratin (128k) ~ scallop flooded with generous creamy milky sweet cheese, served on a shell.
  • Kushi Age Salmon/ Fried Salmon Cutlet (58k) ~ fried salmon in a long cut.
  • Whole Onion with Yakumo Miso (48k) ~ grilled whole onion wrapped with aluminum foil
  • Potato with Salted Squid Guts & Butter (38k) ~ baked whole potato with sweet and savory sauce.
  • Corn with Sweet Soy Sauce & Cheese (48k) ~ simply grilled corn in comforting sweet and salty flavor
Anyway, during the Oktober Fest month this October 2018, they are offering Buy 3 bottles of beer Get 5 bottles for only IDR 150.000++, which is IDR 30.000++/bottle! You can choose from Balihai or Diablo beer. Fantastic offer right!
We forgot to tell you earlier that all those menus above are their dinner menus. The lunch menus are basically more into individual size menu for a quick lunch. What we saw mostly are ramen/udon and rice dishes. 
We tasted one of their recommended lunch option: Pork Katsu Cutlet Set (98k) ~ pork katsu cooked with egg and savory soup. This is definitely one of the most delicious pork cutlets we've ever had! There is something about the pork and the right seasonings that make it a super delicious one. This menu comes with a bowl of rice, salad, and pickles.
From this dining experience, we can firmly declare that Hokkaido Izakaya is one of the best authentic Japanese restaurants in town! The range of food here are massive, from fresh sashimi & seafood, ramen/udon/soba, rice dishes to grilled food. A few menus that we highly recommend are their Meat Mountain Spicy Hotpot, T-Bone and the lunch's Pork Cutlet. Nevertheless, none of the menus were disappointing.
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Pavilion Retail Arcade Unit D 01-12, Jl. K.H Mas Mansyur Kav.24, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours:
Lunch : 11:30 - 15:00
Dinner : 17:30 - 22:00

Average Spending for Two: IDR 500.000

RSVP: (021) 29023271




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