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Senin, 10 Desember 2018

The First All You Can Eat Korean BBQ at MAGAL Premium Senayan City

You've probably heard the brand 'Magal' Korean BBQ for so many times, but you've probably never noticed that there's actually one particular outlet at Senayan City that offers All You Can Eat Korean BBQ! Introducing Magal Premium at Senayan City 5th Floor! They started this new promotion just a few months before this writing and we're excited to share this good news to all of you! You'll be surprised to find out that the AYCE rate is starting from only IDR 199.000 for their regular package! Where else can you get Korean BBQ buffet that 'cheap'? We'll find out now :)
Disclaimer: this is a No Pork and No Lard outlet (while other outlets do have pork menus). Price per pax for reguler package is IDR 199.000, while for premium package is IDR 299.000. The difference is the choices of ala carte dishes and the barbeque meats. We know its difficult to describe the differences when you don't see the menus yourselves. But basically if you pick the reguler package, you can only get 2 choices of meat, while for premium package you can get around 8 different kinds of meat including chicken, prawn and beef. The choices of ala carte dishes are slightly different, whereas there are a few dishes on the Premium Package are not available on the Reguler one. We'll review more on their Premium Package.
This Senayan City outlet is actually super spacious and in fact, its bigger than most other Magal outlets. We believe the restaurant could cater for around 150 pax (or more) at one time because the room is really deep inside.
Let us show you what we had on our table! Pretty much every signature dishes in a Korean restaurant, including spicy beef ribs soup, beebimbap, tteoppokki, Instant Ram Yum and Japchae.
The time limit for this buffet package is 90 minutes with every additional 30 minutes will be charged IDR 50.000. We bet you won't eat more than 90 minutes because we're pretty full before its even 90 minutes. But as it is gonna be very packed during lunch or dinner time, make sure you order everything complete at the first time (first order) to avoid long waiting for your additional order. Also make sure to order only what you can eat because left over food will be charged per 100 grams.
The beef selections are actually almost the same as what you order at other Magal outlets (including the premium prime short ribs worth 298K per portion). They claimed that they still offer the same beef quality despite having a buffet concept. However, the meat cutting/plating is different and the portion is smaller, so that you can order many other dishes.
Their egg crust (the egg around the grilling) was really good as well. Just don't let it die on the grill too long as what we did, because its gonna be dry.
Instant Ram Yun Seafood with shrimp and squid.
 Bibimbap with vegetables and beef
This is their braised beef ribs in spicy gochujang soup. Its not spicy to our taste-bud and surprisingly its huge like we didn't expect to get this size for a buffet package. Our suggestion is to share with a few friends so that you can try many more different foods.
Their tteoppokki needs improvement in our humble opinion, the texture was slightly too firm and the sauce was slightly bland.
In contrary to their tteoppokki, their Japchae was one of the best! It was somehow closer to our favorite 'Indonesian style vermicelli' with that sweet and savory flavor. Most Japchae that we tried elsewhere were somehow bland and lacking that savory flavor.
last but not the least, enjoy Gaya Gelato for your desserts! There are 4 gelato flavors that you can try here, some of them are tiramisu and soursoup flavor. Well, that's all for our All You Can Eat experience at Magal Premium Senayan City. It was a super full lunch and we pretty enjoyed the food. Thank you very much for reading!


Senayan City 5th Floor, Jalan Asia Afrika, Senayan, South Jakarta

RSVP: (021) 72781205




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