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Senin, 19 Oktober 2015


[SHORT REVIEW] This year for the first time ever, I traveled to Bali for a full culinary journey. And Full means literally from morning to evening, I was looking for some interesting restaurants to try either for the food or for the experience. Nothing fancy, nothing over the top (price), its just something that everyone can afford to eat and enjoy.

This is NOOK BALI. I was introduced to this breathtaking place by my partner in Bali @Balidelicacy. It was mainly about the paddy field that attracted me to visit there. The place was really humble, a kind of vintage woody small house with some opened back yard facing the paddy field.

I know that during the summer / drought season like this month (October), the weather was really freaking burnin' hot! I was like avoiding the beaches, although people come to bali for the exotic Beaches!

But under the roof, the wind was quite strong and cool, great for this place which has opened space. This place was hidden from the city center, so you'll need to go through some small alley in order to visit there.

Well, without any further a due, take a look at my gallery!


In short, the duck was crispy and salty, loved it! Sadly, it was too skinny.


I wasn't quite sure if they cooked it the right way or the soup was already spoiled like reheated. The soup was too sour, but not like lime or vinegar sour. The chicken was also dry in the middle, its like eating dry plain chicken with some sour soup. I think they need to change the whole thing from this menu.

The location is actually simple, if you know METIS or LIVINGSTONE, then you'll see there is a small alley right in front of them. Then, go through that alley, and you'll find Nook on the right side. It was right on the side of the rice field!

The menu consists of Indonesian, Western, and Italian food. Price wise, it was affordable. Nothing fancy, just simple food and beautiful paddy field scenery! Nice for refreshing and relaxing.


Jl. Umalas 1 Kerobokan, Bali
Rsvp: 0361.8475625




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