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Kamis, 29 Oktober 2015

JEEVA BELOAM - Lombok Timur Part II

Welcome back to the 2nd part of my trip to Jeeva Beloam. On my previous post, I wrote it with Indonesian but this time with full English for my foreign friends :) This post tells more about my activities during my stay here, including the trip to Pink Beach, my trek up to the hill, and the full package of this whole journey!

BTW, if you haven't read the first part of the review, you better check that one first here:


Before I reached the beautiful resort, this was what I saw along the way. Rocky and Sandy road and vast dry trees on the left and right side of the road. It wasn't something I expected to see when arriving on a beautiful island.


Once you enter the entrance gate, you'll drive through a 5 minute path into the main area, in which the surrounding is actually a national park with dense trees. Sometimes, you'll meet 'Our Friends' anywhere around the road or hanging on the trees.


(The full view of the Beruga can be seen on my previous blog post).

From the whole Beruga, I love the outdoor area as I could lay down on the huge wide sofa while listening to my favorite music, or sit on the chair while having some snacks. During the drought season like September - October, the wind blows very strong. Like when our first day arriving here, the wind brought the sand from the beach together in to the air. And sometimes It was very tough to walk outside when the sand hit right in front of our face. So during this time, you need to close the room's front door tightly unless you want to sleep with all those sands :p

There was a couple doing some pre-wedding photo shoot :)

That was me under the Beruga. So you have the idea of how tall the room from the ground. If you noticed on the top left (which I also just noticed after editing this photo), there were two square stuffs facing upward. I think they were solar panel, COOL! Because the whole Jeeva Beloam area was operated by a generator for the electricity.


The inside was a typical tropical bed room with mosquito net. The design is very ecofriendly and wood is the main element of the whole interior and exterior. Some people asked me if the room was semi-opened. Actually, the main bed room is fully & tightly closed with full roof and front door with glass. The toilet door is 100% wood, but you can still close it tight.

One main curiosity by many people, Is there an air conditioner inside? YES! but AC only works when the electricity is ON, which is around 6 PM to 6 AM, or when the management turns it ON anytime during the day (you'll notice it when the light is ON in the room).

Whats great about the room is that the view from the bed room is straight into the beach / ocean. While you're taking a nap or sleeping at night, you'll constantly listening to the sound of the beach waves. Its definitely something you are missing when you stay in a 5 stars hotel in the city.


The toilet is actually a semi-opened space toilet. Behind of the toilet mirror is covered with nets, so you can still feel the outdoor ambiance from here. But since the Beruga is quite tall, people outside are not gonna be able to see you inside, its safe :)

The closet is a modern sitting closet with tissue paper to wipe your under (no sprayer unfortunately). But its TOTO Closet anyway with wood element for the sitting. The shower is a modern one, with top shower / water sprinkler and hand shower. Don't worry, there is hot water 24/7!

Basic toiletries are provided, such as liquid soap, shampoo, toothbrush with pepsodent tooth paste :) , hair cap, and some little stuffs. They also provide Body Lotion and Mosquito Lotion, in case you need it. Mineral Water galoon is provided.



The road along the way to Pink beach was rocky and sandy with dry trees on the sides. I guess it used to be asphalted once, and then abandoned for such a long time. Sometimes the road was steep like you were hiking the hills. But once you reached the top, it was so beautiful like you can see the straight horizon with such clear blue ocean.

Our driver said that the trees around the road will be very beautiful during the rainy season, because all area there will be very green and dense like jungle. It is recommended to come here around April to June during the rainy season.

In this beach, you can do kayaking like the boat below. You'll see no crowd here, just a few locals because this place is a remote area. Kayaking is also included from the hotel package when you book a minimum of 2 nights. You can do snorkeling in this beach as well, unfortunately I didn't try it :(


Back to Jeeva Beloam, if you noticed from my previous post / review, you must be looking at the small hill or the big rock on the front view of the resort. There is a way to reach that location, but Jeeva Beloam doesn't have boat from the beach. So, the only way to go there is by walking! If you are not an adventurous, you are not recommended to go there. When you look from the beach, it is kind of near, like you can swim from the beach up to there. But actually, you need to trek the hill! Because it is hundreds of meter away.

How to go there? First, you need to trek the hill on the picture below! Its pretty short hill if you look from far, but it is actually harder than I expected. The dry trees on the hill are spiky like the roses! you need to cut down the tree trunk in order to cross the path, unless you want to get scratched like I did (photo footage is on the bottom of this blog). Remember, wear full body clothes and trekking shoes to prevent scratches! I wore tank top and sandal, which was a bad idea!

This picture below is getting further from the resort area, closer to the hill.

This is the border between Jeeva Beloam with the other side of the hill (which is owned by the local government).

Once you pass the border, you'll walk onto a little bit more steeper path up to the top of the hill.

The dry trees are very dangerous as they are spicky.

From the hill, you need to go down to the bottom in which you will see this kind of river path with big rocks along the way. I guess it is the natural water flow when the rain is pouring the hill. This path will lead to our main destination.

This is the exit of the path. The view from this spot is extraordinary!

And that is Jeeva Beloam looking from here! isn't is amazing huh?

This is the end of my full 3 days 2 nights trip to Jeeva Beloam. But, here is the breakdown of the itinerary! The full package from Jeeva Beloam is IDR 7.503.000 Nett for 3 days and 2 nights.

The package includes:
- 6 times meal: 2x breakast, 2x lunch, 2 times Dinner.
- Pick up and Return to the airport
- Trip to Pink Beach and 1 More beach (I forgot the name)
- Kayaking in Pink Beach (I didn't take this)
- Snorkeling somewhere (I didn't take this too)
- Simple Afternoon Tea

The package above is only eligible when you pay directly to the Jeeva Resorts. If you book from or any 3rd party website, you need to pay your return fee to the airport around $55 one way. Pick up airport is still included.


Jl. Pantai Beloam, Tanjung Ringgit, Jerowaru, Lombok Timur

Nusa Tenggara Barat 83672, Indonesia

Reservation: +62 370 693035





When I was about to return to the resort, I lost myself when I hiked the hill. I forgot which path to walk back, because there were a few similar paths to walk without any clear direction. I remembered it was around 5 PM in the afternoon and I was really in a panic situation, because I was ALONE and there was no phone signal reception. And I was afraid it was getting dark in the middle of the hill, and nobody was there! Even if I screamed, I didn't think anyone would hear me.

I was like doing trial and error to find which way to go back. I ran as fast as I could, and many times my sandal loosed. There was a path which I almost thought that it was the right path. I ran to that direction like hundreds of meter away when suddenly it was a dead end! I still could see the trekking path on the ground, but it was all covered with the spiky dry trunks which I still believed it was where I was coming from before. So, I forced crossed myself into the dense spiky trunks and I got myself all scratched and bleeding from nose, arms, and legs. And I wore only tank top and shorts anyway, so my arms were my defense tool. I wasn't realized the blood until I took selfie of myself, because in a panic situation, all I thought about was to go back! But after 3 - 4 meters from the hard situation (crossing the spiky trunks), I decided to go backward and again got my self scratched twice!

I ran back again to another path when I realized that I had been on another different hill!!! I was like praying, Oh God please help me. Because I didn't realize that I had been running too far from the first point and arriving at another hill. I couldn't see the Jeeva Resort from the top of the hill, which it scared me. But on my fourth attempts after going back and forth, I could finally see the Border Gate (between Jeeva Beloam and the hill) which I showed you earlier in this post and I was like thank God for many times!

This hill was not really tourist friendly as there was no clear direction on where to go. I thought that the Jeeva staff(s) would be guiding us to the hill. But when I asked them, they only said that I just need to walk up to the hill, like it was so easy. So, my advise: go at least with a partner!

Then after arriving at my room, I quicky ran into the beach and washed myself from all those scratches!

This was before I lost my self! Taking selfie with selfie stick and my iPhone!

Aside from the lost thingy, during our 3 days here, my wife was really ill and nausea. Not sure if she was food poisoned during our culinary trip from Bali before we arrived in Lombok, or due to the bad flight service by W*ngs Air in which the air conditioner in the plane was not cool at all! More like a warm and humid fan.

So, she spent almost the whole 3 days on the bed, while I was travelling and taking photos here and there by myself :( anyway, I took a lot of selfies with my phones. We both didn't bring jacket, thinking that it was summer and there was no way we would gonna wear jacket. But because of her sickness, she wore my used Shirt that I wore for my friend's wedding party a few days back when in Bali! LOL. The wind outside blew so fast! <3<3<3

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