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Senin, 19 Oktober 2015

SINSA RAMYUN - Muara Karang

There are a few new restaurants coming up every week in the city and usually, I don't catch up with the opening days. But for certain reason, I was craving for instant noodle and this Sinsa Ramyun came up in my Instagram wall. And I right away went to the spot just in time, their first day opening!

Since I came at the exact first day opening, the crowd was overwhelming. I had to wait for 20 minutes before I was allowed to come in. The place was petite like a small house transformed into a restaurant in Muara Karang area. I mean, it was used to be a housing complex but for the past few years, it transforms into a line of restaurant.


The main course menus consist of only 6 menus as long as I remember: 4 ramyuns & 2 rice menus. The ramyun itself consists of 2 kinds of flavor: the beef one and the kimchi one, and each flavor has the dry version and the soup version. The waiter said the dry and the soup ones are the same flavor, just with or without soup.

I tried this Kimchi Ramyun which has sweet and a bit of spicy flavor. I expected Kimchi to be sour, just like when we eat real Kimchi. But this one was not sour for me. There were some common kimchi veggies, half boiled egg, bamboo shot, onion leaves, and SPAM. You can opt out the SPAM (without SPAM) for IDR 45.000++. The portion was too small for me, similar to an instant korean ramyun portion. I also expected the soup to be very hot when served to the table, because what I got was already chilled for like 10 - 15 minutes in the kitchen. 

BEEF RAMYUN - IDR 54.000+++

This one is the non kimchi version, the beef flavor soup. My first impression when I tasted the soup was Instant Noodle! Like Ind*m*e instant noodle rasa Ayam Bawang or something similar to the light flavor one.

It wasn't that bad actually, but if you ask me if its worth the price? I think it is wise to say that I would rather cook my own instant noodle :) sorry for being sarcastic. But everyone has their own preferences, some may like it.

 SAUSAGE with SPICY SAUCE - IDR 28.000 ++

I'm not so sure the name of the dish, but this is the side dish that you can try along with the Ramyun. Its a sliced sausage with some spicy savory sauce.

The overall food taste for me (based on the Ramyun Soup Menu) was just okay. The kimchi ramyun soup was fine to my taste, but the beef ramyun soup was too 'Instant Noodle'. I think they need to create some new flavors within a few months to attract more customers.

The location is close to A&W fast food restaurant in Muara Karang. If you found the A&W on the right side of the street, then turn left. You'll find Sinsa Ramyun on the left side.



Korean Noodle Soup

Muara Karang Blok D7 Barat No. 69
Ph: 021.6610058

Closed every tuesday
Opening hour from 11:00 AM




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