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Minggu, 29 November 2015

ARASSEO Soju Bar & Eatery - Senopati

[SHORT RESTAURANT REVIEW] To be honest with you, I have never ever seen food like above. I saw this food a few times on my Instagram wall before I finally decided to have a visit there.

Arasseso, as long as I heard from others, is not a new comer. In fact, it has been around Senopati for awhile now. But probably it just lacks of publication. I were there for a quick dinner with friends and we tried a few menus that we think must be representing Arasseo.

The room interior was like very dimmed, a bit dark at night with just a small dinner candle on the table. The ambiance was kind of reminding me of a cave with rocks surface on the wall. I personally don't like this kind of ambiance for dinner, to be honest. At least, they need to put some proper lighting I guess. My photo has been editted to look brighter, so you don't see how I saw it :)

OH MY GYU ... - IDR 80.000++

My first reaction when this menu came was to sniff it! Because for me, the best Gyu Tan can be determined right away when I smell the smokey flavor. And YES, it was just like what I expected!

The smokey flavor was quite strong. The beef texture was quite enjoy to bite, it wasn't tough at all. The overall points were salty, savory, spicy and smokey! I LOVE IT


This is a typical hot and spicy Korean soup with tofu and beef. It looks like really spicy but I can tell you this tastes amazing! especially when its really hot. This is great with steamed rice (15k) or vermicelli.


Last but not least, the reason why I visited this place. Its the Chili Cheese Chicken! Honestly, it looks like pizza with a lot of Parmesan cheese on top. When I spooned it, the smoke was like boom escaping from under the cheese!

They put a lot of tender spicy chicken on it with some kimchi, onion, and carrot all covered under the cheese with some purple cabbage on top. The cheese was the main interest here. For me, the cheese was very very gooey, like its really hard to cut. But, the overall sauce was savory and spicy. its really addicting!!! I'll come back for this!

ARASSEO Soju Bar & Eatery

Jl. Senopati no. 16

RSVP 021-27510187




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