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Senin, 16 November 2015

SOPHIE AUTHENTIQUE Cafe Bakery - Senopati

[SHORT REVIEW] So weekends are the days when I drive around the city to look for something new to try (food/restaurant). And this Sophie Authentique was in my mind the whole last Sunday. I have once tried their outlet in Kemang Raya for some afternoon coffee and last week I went there for some desserts.

It was around 9 PM on Sunday when I visited here. And the atmosphere, the furniture, and the ambience were all consistent with their other's branches. What I like about Sophie Authentique is the homey concept, it feels like being at home with all those wooden element. The hanging chair were also there!!!

I tried only 2 desserts: the Melted Chocolate and the Pear Choco Pie. The one below is the Melted Chocolate (50k). It is a combination of chocolate lava cake and mud cake, in which the front part (the triangle shape) got some melted chocolate while the rear part was more firm / dense chocolate cake.

The melted part was Sooooooooooooo GOOD! like literally Heaven! it was so smooth and moist especially when having it warm. And they offered us additional Ice cream (30k/ scoop) which we can choose the flavor. We tried the Banana Caramel flavor and that was DAMN GOOD as well! So, the chocolate cake & Ice Cream cost you IDR 80.000++ (around 92k nett). It was quite pricey if compared with the same dessert at other cake stores.

This one is the Pear Choco (40k), a chocolate pie with some chunks of pear. It wasn't as good as the lava cake, but still worth to try.

Coco Cino (IDR 44.783++), I think it was kind of cappuccino in a different name?

Well, I tried the Swiss Choco (50k) - a typical hot chocolate, kinda tasted like pure Milo in my personal opinion. It was lighter than most hot chocolate and less sweet.

Btw, you have to try their Iced Tea!!! I tried the Lycee Iced Tea (30k) and it was very refreshing and tasty! Below photo was taken with iPhone 5S lol.

Later at around 10 PM, they offered us complimentary mini Beef Quiche, which probably I think they gave it to the customers rather than throwing it to the garbage :) Because the outlet wasn't that crowded at that time and they bake the cake fresh daily. Well, it was just my thought.


Jl. Cikajang No. 48
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan




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