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Selasa, 28 Juni 2016

EPIGASTRO - Pantai Indah Kapuk

I'm in love at the first sight with this place. Its just the amount of minimalist classic interior that attracted me to come. Well, I saw a blogger posted this place on his Instagram and I instantly wanted to visit here. So, me and my wife managed to come on last Saturday (25 July) afternoon for lunch.

This post is 100% pure review, I didn't get invited to come here :) The room is divided into two sections: the chair seatings or the sofa seatings. I opted for the second option, which is what you gonna see more on this post. Our seat (table) is facing right to the bar, so we could clearly watch the guys preparing drinks for us.

On the side wall, they have this green wall full of leaves with two chairs probably for photo purpose :) I kinda felt like in the garden / jungle, so relaxed and soothed because its green.

This was when my wife was writing her agenda :p We could spend hours here just to sit back and enjoy the music.

They also have a mini store that you can buy their healthy products like granola.

This is the other room with chair seating. Its a lot bigger than the room we were in.

My wife started off with a cup of hot capucinno (IDR 35.000). It wasn't bad at all and even perfect for my liking.

This one is their Apple Mint Iced Tea (IDR 35.000)

This is Pittaya Island (IDR 65.000) ~ a bowl of red dragon fruit smoothie as the base, plus added some kiwi, granola, almond, chia seed and that white flakes which I forgot :p I SUPER love this, the dragon fruit was sweet and refreshing. Not sure if they already mixed it with sweetener or its just natural sweet. But, I'm a fan of healthy bowl.

This is Tofu Salted Egg (IDR40.000) ~ fried soft tofu with salted egg sauce. Super GOOD! I ate it just like that without rice or anything.

Grilled Chicken Breast in Pesto Sauce (IDR 110.000) with baked potato and mini garden salad. The overall taste was good, but the baked potato was plain to me. A little salt is preferred. This menu is actually customizable because you can choose the sauce, the side dishes, and the salad.

This is the entrance path. Upon coming in, you can go to the left for the chair seating or to the right for the sofa seating ( with bar view).

[SUMMARY] Overall, I love the interior & the ambiance. The food was great as far as what I tried, the drinks were perfect as well. Very nice for a long chit chat or hang out with friends. They need to fix their menu because a few menus were not available.


Kitchen / Juice Bar / Grocer

Spending for two: IDR 300.000 - 400.000




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