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Kamis, 16 Juni 2016

THE ROSEMARY - Standard Chartered Building

Last Tuesday, 14 June 2016, I got invited for a pre-opening food tasting and bloggers gathering at THE ROSEMARY. I'm lucky because I had the chance to try their food just a day before the official public opening. They were opening on 15 June 2016! They so call it a Gastropub; a British style bar and restaurant at the heart of Jakarta. That night, me and some fellow Bloggers shared a few menus from starters, main courses to desserts to try.

This event was hosted by Nibble, a mobile app specializing in food sharing. I've got the chance to come to their event 3x times now. So, you can try to download it on Google Play or Appstore, and follow my nibble account: JKTDELICACY. I share only great food recommendation on my Nibble account.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that they (The Rosemary) gonna change their menu EVERY WEEK! Yes, you didn't read that wrong. They said they have more than 100+ menus in total, but they will only pick a few menus each week and change / rotate the menus on the next week. So that every time a customer comes, they will experience new menus! That's kinda cool actually.

First of all, the room was quite dimmed so its kinda hard to capture sharp and bright pictures. Pardon for my bad quality photos :(


A creamy, sweet and healthy salad with raw Salmon and Avocado as the main ingredients. Its not sour like any other salad. But since I'm not fond of raw fish, this is *sorry* not my favorite.

I forgot what's the name of this menu. I remember they call it 'Brie' which is not familiar to me. But, as I googled it, its a cow's milk cheese. Probably they battered and deep fried it. Then, you can have it with their red sauce (kinda like you know the red sauce on IKEA). Again, the overall combination didn't work for me and the other two.


This is pretty similar to the first salad in term of flavor. Its overall sweet and creamy but without animal protein. The main ingredients are Quinoa (which is a small piece of grain), peanut, purple onion and green grapes. Its not bad at all.

STEAK & EGG - IDR 165.000

This is my first choice for the main course, of course I love meat! I requested for medium cooked tenderloin, but unfortunately I got this well done steak. I always have my steak medium or sometimes medium rare. Not sure if mine was swapped with my next table. So its kinda hard to judge on something that's not my preference. I love the saltiness of the egg and the steak as well, the yolk was perfectly running and the fresh veggie salad with sour dressing was great for me. The fries as you can see was too oily. Based on this serving, I give it 6/10. If it was medium (pinkish in the middle), I would probably give 8/10 considering the overall taste.


First thing first, I didn't try this. Second, It looked so oily outside. I am very used to Fish and Chips, as when I was living in Australia for 1.5 years, this dish was very common like everywhere across the country. There, they normally sell it just in a coverless paper box (like take away) without any sauce. They like it fresh, crispy, without any additional ketchup, chili sauce, or tar tar sauce. This one unfortunately I can't judge anything other than the look.


Let me tell you the truth, this was actually my second time in my whole food-blogging history to ever try Risotto. Here's the thing, I hate rice or anything (main course) made out of rice. I spend the weekdays at home having white or red rice for my whole life, so whenever I have the chance to eat outside, I will always avoid rice menus including Risotto.

This one was sweet from the pumpkin and perfectly creamy. I REALLY LOVED the seared duck. Its moist, juicy, tender and best of all salty, lol. That's it, very recommended!


I have had so much burger and sandwich for the past few weeks. And its hitting me to the point where I feel like I have had enough of burger! I really mean it. But then, when I had to try this burger, I would still try it. To my surprise, I LOVED IT! That's it, the beef patty was thick, salty and smokey with the combination of melted cheese, pickles and fresh veggie. The fries was again too oily for me.

ETON MESS - IDR 40.000

This is a combination of 3 distinctive sweets: White Foamy Cream (which covered the whole thing on the plate), hard cotton candy (like crispy and sweet but melting in your mouth), and Vanilla Ice Cream just bellow the strawberry. Again, this was not working for me. I never had something like this before and I didn't like it, sorry. But presentation wise, it looks good right? :)


Last but not the least, Banoffee Pie; a super creamy and mushy dessert combination of banana, caramel, and cookies topped with cream and chunks of thinly sliced chocolate. This was pretty good, it somehow resembles smooth porridge when you scoop the bottom (the brown part). Its sweet, creamy, the banana was nice. Love it!


Standard Chartered Building, LG FLoor, Podium Side Entrance
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio No. 164, Karet, Jakarta Selatan

Rsvp: 0811844342




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