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Kamis, 09 Juni 2016

1945 RESTAURANT - Free Tajil Ramadhan Promo

[RAMADHAN PROMO] As you know, during the Ramadhan period, restaurants are normally giving some free appetizers or you call it Tajil to break your fast. 1945 Restaurants, which is an Indonesian Fine Dining restaurants, is also offering you free Tajil for every dine in during the Ramadhan. Its just a different feeling when you have your dinner here because the ambience was really calm and relaxing with the dimmed lights releasing your hectic after a whole day working and fasting at the same time.

What I love about 1945 is that they combine traditional Authentic Indonesian cuisine in a modern style but still offering a traditional custom, for example when the ladies with kebaya come and serve you 3 kinds of rice on to your plate in a traditional way. You'll see later on in this review. The hall way along the restaurant from the entrance door to the dining room is very mysterious in a good way, which brings awe and curiosity for me.

The whole floor was fully customized with fabric carpet written with the signature 1945 logo.

The dining table was also pre-set with fine dining utilities, but then they will take away those beautiful Wine glasses when you don't drink Wine.

So, this is the special promotion during Ramadhan! They offer free Tajil for every dine in at the restaurant. It is indeed petite but look how beautiful on the presentation. They have the creamiest Bubur Sumsum and Glutinous ball / Biji Salak with Dates fruit (Kurma) sauce. A unique combination and in fact, its not just beautiful, its delicious as it's look.


They have 4 complimentary snacks and 1 small glass of gingery drink for every dine in at 1945, from crackers, kacang bogor, to the sweet crunchy balls. You can dip the crackers on the peanut sauce, the creme color one in the middle


Let me tell you, this is one of the most beautiful Salads I've ever seen, call me 'Katrok' but I was so amazed by the colors and the plating. This is bouquet of edible flowers and green leaves with black sesame and peanut dressing. Thumbs up for the attention to details! The leaves and flowers were all fresh like they just picked them right from the backyard. That also comes with a big peanut crackers for a mix balance of fresh salad and crunchy texture.


So they have this so called Rijstafel which is a set of 1945's signature dishes sampling in a small portion. You can pick the main protein: Chicken (300k), Wagyu (350k), or Gindara (380k). Well, each sampling menus combined together into a big portion actually. So, from each set you can pick 3 appetizers, 2 main courses, and 1 dessert beverages.

Below, I picked the Chicken Set although there was some beef here.

For the appetizers, I picked:
- Oxtail Consomme
- Pecel Kembang Salad
- Tahu Isi

For the main courses, I picked:
- Rujak Chicken
- Sayur Lodeh

Last but not least, you can pick one desserts beverages, which is a tea / herbal drink set with a small dessert. I picked the Herbal remedy: Ginger Lemongrass.

Pecel Kembang Salad with black sesame and peanut dressing.  The same small portion of my first full portion salad.

Tahu Isi ~ a petite filled tofu topped with scallop. A redefined Tahu Isi!

Oxtail Consomme ;which is Oxtail Soup; very tender beef! with carrot, baby potato and fried shallot. Soup was served separately.

Rujak Chicken ~ Boneless baby chicken with a side of baby spinach and watercress dressed in spicy rujak sauce

Sayur LodehYoung vegetables simmered with tofu and tempeh in a delicate coconut milk soup

Herbal Remedy: Lemongrass

If you come to 1945 at the afternoon, you can have this tea set for IDR 80.000, because they don't serve full ala carte menu on the afternoon. This is a warm herbal beverage with some sweet cookies.


So Actually this Rijstafel Set is pretty similar with the first one, just the Wagyu Rendang that's different.

My appetizers here are:
- Duck Timlo Soup
- Gurami Mango Salad
- Tahu isi (similar with the first Rijstafel set)

My Main Courses are:
- Wagyu Rendang
- Sayur Lodeh (similar with the first Rijstafel set)

The dessert beverage is Jasmine Tea set with Klappertart.

Duck Timlo Soup ~ Spring rolls served in duck broth with vermicelli, poached duck egg, pan seared duck breast and foie grass. The poached egg was perfectly melting in my mouth, you know the sensation when you slice the egg yolk. They also separated the soup, so you can pour it anytime you like.

Wagyu Rendang with crispy crumbles. I have to admit that this is probably my first time having rendang with wagyu beef. Its pretty good actually, but rendang is rendang. Its not the same as wagyu steak which you can ask for medium or medium rare cooked. So, there still must be a rendang texture here because rendang is cooked very long to seep the whole ingredients into the meat.

Gurami Mango Salad

Tea Set: Jasmine Tea with rock sugar, brown sugar and a piece of Klappertart cake.

Free Refill Rice! This is the unique thing in 1945. They offer free refill of 3 colors rice: plain rice, yellow rice and red rice. The 3 ladies in Kebaya came to our table queuing and each of them scooped a different rice on to our plate.


Do you know that 1945 Restaurant is a part of Sari Rasa group which is bringing the famous Sate Khas Senayan, Tesate Resaturant and Sate Khas Express? This Chicken Oyster is an unexceptional great Sate dish. What makes it special is that they only use the 'Oyster' part of a chicken which is the oyster-shaped pieces of meat that lie on either side of a whole chicken's backbone. That is actually the best part of the chicken. The peanut sauce is another different thing, it is just the perfect mix of ingredients that the sate and the sauce are inseparable. The sate wooden stick is even customized with 1945 logo :)


A layer of homemade Blue Pea Flower syrup topped with ginger soda and compacted iced balls. Other flavor selections such as Tamarind and Longan.


Homemade passion fruit syrup topped with icy Lime Granita. It was just sooo refreshing and chilling. You can also choose other flavors: Mulberry, Tamarind, or Lychee.


Indonesian Cuisine Reimagined

Fairmont Hotel, 3rd Floor
Jalan Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan




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